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Evolution of the Modern RPG programmer

A Modern RPG Programmer writes RPGLE, RPG4, RPG400, RPG3, RPG2 programs I suppose many of them also enjoy Role Playing Games but that is neither here nor there. RPG stands for Report Program Generator. It is an IBM programming language which had evolved from the early day of punch cards and gentlemen who programmed with […]

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History of the IBM RPG programming language

*RPG – NO, RPG Developer doesnt mean that I write Role Playing Games, primarily aimed at men in basements pretending they are fit young elven women and running around casting spells 😉 So, as an RPG* Developer I am definitely biased towards IBM’s best and most versatile language. IBM RPG has evolved massively from the […]

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as400 meets the internet

More snippets of archaic and mostly outdated stuff… but worth saving online because I’m contsantly amazed by the lax security setup at some shops I visit: AS/400 and Internet Security: Question: What security level (30, 40, or 50) is adequate for an AS/400 on the Internet? Answer 1. Levels 40 and 50 will have little […]

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RPG is free

A brief history of the IBM RPG Programming Language

So, there I was this morning sipping my cup of rather disgustingly nauseous Pumpkin Flavored Starbucks Coffee… You gotta try these things, because as my grandpa always said “nothing ventured nothing gained” but sadly the Judges awarded the beverage Color-7 Presentation-8 Taste-Yuk!… but I digress… Where was I? Ah yes, the wonderful IBM RPG Programming Language! What does […]

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I found a great quote accredited to Frank Soltis – sometimes described as the Father of the AS400.

This is an excerpt from INSIDE THE AS400 – a must read for any System i, AS400 or iSeries techie…   It’s in the Sauce “It’s in there; it’s all in there!” exclaims the TV commercial for a well-known brand of spaghetti sauce. Instead of buying the ingredients and making your own sauce, argues the […]

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I remember the IBM AS/400

Old Wrinkled Programmer remembers those giant creamy computers My earliest exposure to BIG COMPUTING was back in the late 1980’s. Computers were a new thing to the world, business were running on mainframes or a new range of mini-computers. The personal computer was just evolving and the brand of “mini-computers” was about to be renamed […]

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