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Feb 28

RPG **FREE is finally fully free form

IBM i , Programming , RPG

Modern ILE RPG now (finally) supports “fully-free” RPG Source code This means, we can write RPG code from column 1 to the end of the line — just like other languages. No more jumping to character 10 to get passed the old reserved (H,F,D,I,C,O) specification column. You must code **FREE in column 1 of the […]

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Dec 16

RPG Programming Standards – Code Style Guide for IBM i, iSeries and AS400 Programmers

Programming , AS400 , IBM i , iSeries , Religion , RPG , Software Change Management

RPG Programming Standards? “RPG Programming Standards” have been debated since the invention of the wheel. With an entire generation of RPG programmers evolving from the early days of System/3x column based RPG code to modern free flowing web format code the adoption of a simple clean programming layout standard has been a mythical quest. Old […]

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Nov 17

Chain(NE) hang low….

Programming , IBM i , RPG

rpg chain

The wonderful IBM RPGLE programming language: What is Chain(N) and Chain(NE) Overview For file I/O requests in RPG (ie: Chain, Read, Reade, Setll, etc) we can add some options using (N) – No Lock (E) – Error Logging (NE) – No Lock and Error Logging Writing code in RPG the CHAIN operation code is used […]

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