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May 03

Example RPG program to populate the Infor System21 *LDA

Ever had to populate the *LDA in correct layout for JBA ERP Modules (aka GEAC aka Infor System21? Here is a simple RPGLE program knocked up to setup the *LDA priot to running a few little INFOR SYSTEM21 extraction routines: WEBSETLDA // ——————————————————————- // Service Name – WEBSETLDA // Function – Populate *LDA with Dummy […]

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Nov 18

RPG example – How to retrieve System21 Background Job status

“How do I check the status of the System 21 (JBA/GEAC/INFOR) background jobs from an RPG program?” I was asked to hack together a quick little routine to check the status of the System21 background jobs, for some specific web-service calls that were talking to an IBM i system running INFOR’s System21 ERP. Hmmm… That […]

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Apr 14

Start Stop System21 Background Jobs (WHSE, GL, IN, OE – BACK3)

This is just a memory jogger for me and while I was typing this in my notes I realized that someone else may have asked the same question: “How do I see the status of the System 21 (JBA/GEAC/INFOR) background jobs to see what is running?” I feverishly search the interweb superhighway and apart from […]

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May 15

JBA Commands

Randomly surfing around this morning – I stumbled across this comment tucked away in some obscure pre-1990’s forum in glorious Times New Roman font. Written back in the days when terminals clunked, mainframes were the size of a room, men were men and women were pleased. I bring you the big list of JBA COMMANDS […]

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Sep 04

Can I upgrade JBA SYSTEM21 from IBM-i v5r4 to V6 or V7?

Just what is JBA SYSTEM21 anyway? The JBA ERP system is a 30 year old Enterprise Resource Planning system running on IBMi operating system (an on the earlier i5/OS and OS400 versions). I can sense your eyebrow raising when you read “30 years”, but think of it as a system that has evolved for thirty […]

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Sep 11

User guide to the JBA System21 application on the AS400

Back in the early nineties, I worked for a software house in Chertsey (Surrey, UK) called JBA. Fun times in my formative AS400/RPG programming years. The days were filled with blue suits, typing on clunky terminals, racing around in convertible company cars, yearning to be a yuppy and boozy Friday lunchtimes. Ahhh The halcyon days […]

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Nov 27

The rise and fall of JBA software – AS400 ERP System21

JBA was one of the world’s leading business software providers in the 1980’s and early 1990’s. Based in Birmingham, England, it had offices nationwide due to explosive growth partly due to the phenomenal success of IBM’s “AS/400” midrange computer system. Founded in 1981 by two former IBM employees, JBA focused on developing business applications for […]

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