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Jul 27

JSON versus JSONP Tutorial – Resurrected

So, I was searching for information on JSON versus JSONP and, more specifically, how to handle JSONP with IBM i Y.A.J.L and I stumbled across this old archived website. The actual domain is dead, but I found this information on the internet way back when archive site. It’s worth saving – so here it is! […]

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Jun 03

RPG Example reading JSON using JSON_TABLE from IFS

Decode JSON webservice reply data (already stored in IFS) using JSON_TABLE This reads the JSON from the IFS – decodes it using JSON_TABLE and reports on time taken to perform decode. In this case the JSON data is a simple layout that looks like this: {“users”:[{“userID”:”@123″,”firstName”:”Billy”,”lastName”:”Bob”,”initials”:”123″,”company”:110,”division”:30,”department”:325,”secProfile”:””},{“userID”:”AAATEMP”,”firstName”:”Albert”,”lastName”:”Smith”,”initials”:”AAA”,”company”:110,”division”:1,”department”:1,”secProfile”:””},{“userID”:”AAATEST”,”firstName”:”Andy”,”lastName”:”Tester”,”initials”:”AAA”,”company”:110,”division”:1,”department”:530,”secProfile”:”AAT”},{“userID”:”AAA3″,”firstName”:”Fred”,”lastName”:”Blogs”,”initials”:”AA3″,”company”:110,”division”:1,”department”:1,”secProfile”:”AAA”},{“userID”:”AATEST”,”firstName”:”AA”,”lastName”:”TEST”,”initials”:”AAT”,”company”:110,”division”:1,”department”:1,”secProfile”:””},{“userID”:”ABB”,”firstName”:”Abba”,”lastName”:”Dancing Queen”,”initials”:””,”company”:110,”division”:1,”department”:1,”secProfile”:””},{“userID”:”BINGBONG”,”firstName”:”Bing”,”lastName”:”Bong”,”initials”:”BB”,”company”:110,”division”:2,”department”:2,”secProfile”:””},{“userID”:”LITTENN”,”firstName”:”Nick”,”lastName”:”Litten”,”initials”:”NJL”,”company”:001,”division”:1,”department”:123,”secProfile”:”Secret Squirrel”}]} This JSON example contains the values: USERID […]

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Jun 02

RPG Example reading JSON using YAJL from IFS

Decode JSON webservice reply data (already stored in IFS) using YAJL This reads the JSON from the IFS – decodes it using Y.A.J.L and reports on time taken to perform decode. Writing an RPG program to read JSON using YAJL is actually pretty straightforward — I hope this code example helps! In this case the […]

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Jun 01

RPG example: store webservice reply XML or JSON in IFS

As an RPG Programmer you are probably writing a ton of code to talk to remote webservices out there in internet land. If you are just learning webservice programming, it can seem like a daunting exercise. So, to help you with your first steps on the journey, here is a simple RPG CODE EXAMPLE which […]

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May 30

What is JSON_TABLE on IBM i?

Most IBM i shops using webservices to talk to the Internet, will convert the data they are sharing into a web-service format like XML or JSON before sending it out. Obviously the responses will be in the same format and they need to convert it back into native IBM i format to use it. That […]

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Jul 27

JSON Plugin for RDI

Ever wanted to validate or syntax check JSON from within RDi? It’s easy using the free JSON editor from the Eclipse marketplace. This JSON Plugin for RDI will validate, syntax check and polish your JSON layouts with ease. To start you have to go into RDI and get into Eclipse’s Market Place. That will bring up […]

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Jul 14

IBM i Webservices Primer – SOAP or REST?

AS400 or iSeries webservices – Primer If you are reading this it’s probably because you are researching webservices, perhaps looking for an IBM i Webservices Primer and googled something like “what is the difference between SOAP and REST on IBM i webservices – please help me I am going insane“? http://bfy.tw/9ON0 Dont worry – help is […]

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Dec 03

Web Services for Dummies

What are webservices? Broadly speaking “Web Services” are programs that let one computer system talk to another computer system over the internet. For example, you might want to enter customer details into a office computer system and have those customer details be checked on an online ‘address checking’ website or something similar. Today, Web Services […]

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Jul 01

An introduction to iSeries webservices

Web Services With Cobol Or RPG on IBM ISeries – Restful Php Web Services 1. Introduction Web Services and SOAP (or REST) are rapidly becoming state-of-art architectural approaches to allow the access of multiplatform and multilanguage systems, Many companies have legacy applications which represent a high investment and Web Services promise to allow their access […]

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