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May 10

Alas Poor Boris… aka… DEATH of a Landrover

Boris the Landrover has broken down one final time. This mornings refusal to start (again!!!) was the (yet another!!!) final straw! NOTE ADDED MAY 2014: A few people have asked me how I get him to start each time. It’s simple, but very annoying, embarrassing and just plain irritating. Simply pop the bonnet (American translation […]

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Aug 16

Land Rover LR3 V6 2006 – the Big Boris Breakdown

The Full Boris This damn problem has been going on forever. I’m sick of it. Sick sick sick bleeuuuuurgh! So come on people… someone out there must have a solution? It’s a totally weird starting problem but at least its now showing a repetitive solution. So lets go through it in clear English (well as […]

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Aug 14

F$%#^K#$ing POS Landrover LR3

I am angrier than a very Angry Bird. Boris the Landrover is once again proving that it can refuse to start in nearly every State in the USA… What makes it worse is that last Friday – I just got it back from the Garage who happily told me the problem was fixed. “A new […]

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Aug 08

Caveat Emptor with Boris the Landrover LR3

Just like Lazarus, Boris lives! After last weeks engine death – well kind of choking spluttering whimpering suicide – I waited for the AAA recovery truck and had Boris truck to a local garage that foolishly admitted to working on Landrover. All the time thanking the Gods that I signed up for AAA car recovery […]

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Jul 26

Is Boris Dead? Did Boris the LR3 finally suffer his final breakdown?

An excruciating new chapter in the Book of Boris (no relation to The Book of Mormon) Is this the End? Driving to a client office today all hell broke loose on the dashboard… every warning light blinking, alarms sounding, star-trek doors whooshing open and closed and phasers set to KILL! Engine computer was reporting suspension […]

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Jul 18

bloody nails – LR3 suspension failure

Driving home and suddenly the dashboard lights up with warning lights telling me about a LR3 suspension failure! “Oh No” I think “Not that bloody air suspension stuff I had replaced last year” The lights continue to blink with various warnings to ‘slow to 30 mph’ and ‘grip the steering wheel as tight as possible […]

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Jul 04

July the 4th with a Bloody Landrover LR3 makes me curse

Just spent over two grand on new starter motor, transmission doodah and other LR stuff… and the problem is back!! Aaaarrghrgrhgrhrgrhg!!!!!! It’s not he money that is the probelm here – it’s the bloody consistent breaking down that the problem. Who am I kidding – of course it’s the money. This Land Rover LR3 is […]

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Apr 28

Boris the Landrover is alive…. *cough* BURP maybe?

So, the Boris the bloody annoying LR3 has been getting worse and worse… it’s at the stage now where I just dont trust it to drive anywhere. When it does start, I just leave it running on the street if I have to go into any stores… because there is simply no guarantee that it […]

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Mar 23

Boris the Landrover break down in the rain

The bugger got me again at Lunchtime today.. in the rain… which is pretty rare in Charleston SC… rain that is… not Boris refusing to start (which is very very common). The only bright side to this damp tale of sorrow… is using the mysterious ‘remove spark plug 1’ technique to fire the engine up… […]

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