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An old AS400 Quiz willed with technical questions and plain old fashioned AS/400 brainteasers

So, last night I was nosing around in the dim dark corners of an old network share on my homeserver. I stumbled across an old TXT document from the late 90’s, I think. It was sitting in a text file called “AS400 Quiz Brainteasers” -it’s obviously old (look at the as400 model numbers question). It […]

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I’m guilty of calling old fashioned RPG program code “legacy”

legacy rpg

I’ve always thought LEGACY it was the correct terminology for old fashioned RPG source code. For years I’ve been focused on refactoring old column based RPG “legacy” code into new “modern” RPGLE code. But it seems that I’ve been guilty of using the wrong words all this time. I just read an interesting article over […]

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AS400 is dead, It’s time to Modernize and embrace IBM i

IBM stopped making the old AS400 in the 1990’s The iSeries came next and that ran for over ten years The curent machine is an IBM Power System. The grandson of the AS400 The operating system is IBM i – just one of the OS that can run on IBM Power systems ( think Microsoft Windows Server […]

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