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Green Screen to Web Application in 5 minutes (aka how the AS400 got on the World Wide Web with IBM i)

Twenty years ago… I was typing on a dumb terminal, connected to a great big beige computer called IBM AS/400 with a thick grey Twinax cable. Screens were green on black, text only — or sometimes orange on black if you were posh. The internet was this thing we used to send emails (if you knew […]

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AS400 Modernization starts with Modernizing RPG Applications

RPG Modernization

Modernizing RPG Programs – Learn the RPG History first I had email email from an old work colleague this morning. He was a windows programmer, with limited exposure to RPG, but works in a company that is driven by a huge, old, complex RPG3 application that has changed little over the last decade. He is […]

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RPG Evolution, Modernization and Refactoring – Step 5 of 4 – RPG FREE FORMAT 2017

Convert it to RPG FREE FORMAT — RPG Evolution 2017 style That’s right — this is step five of four. Much like RPG evolution, the modern day free-form RPG code is way more advanced than earlier neanderthal column based RPG. The original code blog was way back in 2009, but RPG has quietly been improving all […]

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Write to joblog messages from RPGLE /FREE – a QMHSNDPM code example

RPG CODE EXAMPLE – “Write to joblog” in RPG4 /FREE Write to joblog lets us send messages from inside a running RPG program. It’s simple using one of IBM’s API’s – QMHSNDPM RPGLE Code Example // SNDMSGLOG1.RPGLE // Simple Program to send message to joblog using QMHSNDPM // Author: nick@nicklitten.com ctl-opt dftactgrp(*no) actgrp(‘NICKLITTEN’) option(*nodebugio:*srcstmt:*nounref) alwnull(*inputonly) […]

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Write to joblog messages from RPGLE /FREE – easy code example using Qp0zLprintf

RPG CODE EXAMPLE – “Write to joblog” in RPG4 /FREE Write to joblog lets us send messages from inside a running RPG program. It’s simple using one of IBM’s API’s – Qp0zLprintf I’ve used this little technique for ever. Simple define a procedure calling the API (in this example I call it “writejoblog”) and then in […]

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Replace IBM i Native File Access with SQL

I found this excellent article by Birgitta Hauser, Software and Database Engineer, Toolmaker Advanced Efficiency GmbH. It covers the basic concepts you will need to consider if you want to “Replace IBM i Native File Access with SQL” Just in case it vanishes I’m going to reproduce it here: If you are considering SQL and […]

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Doing Loop the Do Loops in RPG3 and RPG /Free

So, whenever possible, if I’m editing some old RPG3 or RPG400 code I spend a coffee* cleaning the code up to a more readable form. Cleaning old Do Loops in RPG3 can be a head scratching experience: Use CVTRPGSRC if its old RPG3 stuff Change ‘1’ to *ON Change ‘0’ to *OFF Change Z-ADD to […]

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How to make clickable menu hyperlinks in BCD Presto

BCD Presto – Software Green Screen Modernization aka – AS400 iSeries 5250 Screen to Web Conversions BCD Presto is probably my favorite screen modernization tool. It has a very simple and clean screen editor. It’s reliable, fast and intuitive. Most importantly, when I have those “what is the best way to do this?” questions the […]

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Real-time Install of BCD Software Presto – AS400 modernization

Time to install Presto AS400 iSeries 5250 to Web modernizer Responsive Mobile It’s now easier for IBM i programmers to transform their green screens into web GUIs that are optimized for both desktop and mobile with Presto’s new responsive design capabilities. Presto version 7 incorporates Bootstrap, an open source framework that enables the design of […]

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