Email an IBM i Output Queue as PDF Email an OUTQ – should be simple right? Here you are, you have this output queue filled with reports and you want to email them to your Boss/Colleague/whoever! You don’t really want them in smelly old text format you want them to look nice in something like

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UPDATE 2017 – I just added a newer version of this article using IBM i V7R2 HERE Email all Spool Files for IBM I For a couple of years now, I’ve used this little EMLOUTQ utility program (written in IBM i Control Language) to read through an output queue and email each and every spool

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Recently at a client site, I heard a monotonous and really quite annoying sound: tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,TAP… tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,TAP… tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,TAP… tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,tap,TAP… coming from the adjoining Dilbert cubicle.

This prompted me to ask what he was doing. He reluctantly moaned that “I have to move all these spool files to another output queue and their are hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them”

I looked quizzically until I realized he was in WRKSPLF on the green screen and was manually selecting each and every spool file with a 2 before paging down for the next screen, for as many screen as was needed, he then planned to change the output queue.


Loads of time wasted doing a manual task when the tools to move the entire output queue are already right there in Windows but just didnt know about it.

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