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Jan 08

How to update RDi – Rational Developer for IBM ‘i’ Programmers

Last night was I was chatting to an old programming chum in Chicago. As you may be aware, for most people in the AS400/iSeries/IBM-i arena the term “old programming chum” automatically implies a gray haired old fart wearing frayed cords, cheap (but comfortable!) shoes and excessively dour facial features with a slightly “smarter than thou” […]

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Feb 12

Evolution of the Modern RPG programmer

A Modern RPG Programmer writes RPGLE, RPG4, RPG400, RPG3, RPG2 programs I suppose many of them also enjoy Role Playing Games but that is neither here nor there. RPG stands for Report Program Generator. It is an IBM programming language which had evolved from the early day of punch cards and gentlemen who programmed with […]

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Sep 27

What does an RPG Programmer do?

If you are a software developer then you will know that RPG is an IBM programming Language. It’s also a Rocket Propelled Grenade. It’s also an acronym for Role Playing Games. This blog will have lots of waffle about being an RPG Programmer and just the occasional explosion or online sexy elf. RPG Programmers create […]

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Aug 26

Modern RPG is brighter and newer than ever

RPG is a vibrant modern programming language and its getting moderner. is moderner a verb? it should be 🙂 If you are an established RPG programmer, its just too easy to use the same old tried and tested techniques when coding. Doing things the good old fashioned way (or perhaps you call it the tried […]

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Oct 09

Upgrade Nick Littens written CV to an Infographic Resume with vizualize.me

The peeps at Vizualize.me say: We believe that the traditional text resume is boring, lengthy and long overdue for a makeover. We are creating an online resume format that is beautiful, relevant and fun. We want to enable people to express their professional accomplishments in a simple yet compelling personal visualization. Our vision is to […]

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Nov 12

What does IT Consultant really mean?

I’m not a fan of the ‘IT Consultant‘ moniker because its kind of generic, non-descriptive and dull. Sadly, being called an ‘IT Consultant’ seems to be the industry standard for anyone tinkering with software on these computer things… so maybe I’m stuck with it. 🙁 I prefer describing myself as a Programmer in the same […]

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Jun 08

Killing the AS400 Caveman Software Design Mentality

Why are so many IBMi developers still stuck in the same application design thought process they had 20 years ago? Why do so many IBMi developers still refer to IBM-i as AS400 (the old system that we used in the early 1990’s)? Why are some people still writing batch report programs and 5250 green screen enquiries? Evolving […]

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Aug 24

ILE RPG certified programmers are extinct

Well… ILE RPG certified programmers are special. But they are dying. Exist. Kaput. Or at least, they will be at the end of 2009! For some very strange reason, IBM have decided to kill the ILE RPG Programmer certification. As we all know, being an RPG Programmer is a rare skill set nowadays… and it’s […]

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Feb 26

I used to be an AS400 programmer

OK, so just what the heck DO we call The AS400 nowadays? On a few blogs and forums this topic is frequently raising its head. It seems to be a bone of contention with virtually every IBM ‘thingie’ System developer out there. The HERD continues to call this machine an AS400, a few confuse it further […]

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