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May 28

Learn C# for RPG ILE Programmers

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If you are an RPG Programmer thern you can quite easily add C# to the list of progamming languages you have in your brainbox. It’s a very similar syntax. Checkout the latest C# For RPGers TechTip and check out the similarities between C# and RPG loops: http://www.mcpressonline.com/programming/programming-other/c-for-rpgers-taking-c-loops-for-a-spin   The missing piece to the basic C# language […]

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RDi 9.6 powered by coffee
Sep 08

A brief history of the IBM RPG Programming Language

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So, there I was this morning sipping my cup of rather disgustingly nauseous Pumpkin Flavored Starbucks Coffee… You gotta try these things, because as my grandpa always said “nothing ventured nothing gained” but sadly the Judges awarded the beverage Color-7 Presentation-8 Taste-Yuk!… but I digress… Where was I? Ah yes, the wonderful IBM RPG Programming Language! What does […]

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