An old AS400 Quiz So, last night I was nosing around in the dim dark corners of an old network share on my homeserver. I stumbled across an old TXT document from the late 90’s, I think. It was sitting in a text file called “AS400 Quiz Brainteasers” -it’s obviously old (look at the as400

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So, back in the days of Sinclair C5’s, black and white TV licenses and pound notes, RPG was a bright new and vibrant programming language.

/me coughs and splutters slightly

Digging around an old Disk Drive (or perhaps I should say ‘winchester drive’) just looking to see if it was safe to throw away, I discovered some great old word documents that I put together back in the day. One of these was an RPG type test which was used to try to gauge the knowledge of people applying for programming roles within the Software House that I worked for.

I guess this was first written back in 91 and only goes to show how steady RPG is since it’s largely unchanged and still going strong after nearly 20 years:


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