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Jan 08

How to update RDi – Rational Developer for IBM ‘i’ Programmers

Last night was I was chatting to an old programming chum in Chicago. As you may be aware, for most people in the AS400/iSeries/IBM-i arena the term “old programming chum” automatically implies a gray haired old fart wearing frayed cords, cheap (but comfortable!) shoes and excessively dour facial features with a slightly “smarter than thou” […]

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Jan 29

Free RPG Editor – ILEDITOR could be called RDi Lite ;)

I’ve been waiting for a simple free-format RPG editor for the longest time. Opensource ILEditor delivers. It’s free, open source, actively maintained and growing in support. It’s quick and simple to use, and I can already see that as it’s popularity grows new functions will be easy to add. #nice The Author is Liam Allen […]

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Nov 28

RDi 9.6 from Evaluation to Licensed RDi Glory

You have an RDi 9.5 license but want to add the license to the new RDi version 9.6! The new version needs a new License code to be downloaded and installed from IBM. So, grab a coffee and let’s go through the download and install process in easy steps (aka multiple gulps) Assuming you have […]

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Nov 28

Rational Developer for IBM i 9.6 – Apply the RDi License

So, I’ve downloaded the latest and greatest version of RDi (the exciting titled RDi 9.6 #drumrollplease) but since the RDi 9.5 license does not work for 9.6, I wonder how I can Apply the RDi License for this new version? I was told that since the new version is based on a newer version of Eclipse. […]

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Oct 27

Windows Setup for IBM i Developers

Every propeller head takes some kind of perverse joy from wiping and reinstalling their Windows Machine. I know I do. After a year of various software installs, un-installs, re-installs, tweaks, hacks, dicking around (that’s a technical term) my Windows machine starts to get twitchy and a little punch drunk. It’s time for a fresh install and […]

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Oct 18

Use RDi to make RPGLE lowercase

Internet fact #173 – If you make RPGLE lowercase it looks a lot prettier! If you’ve ever read any of my many waffling techno-blogs about programming with the RPG language you will know that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship IBM’s Rational Developer code editor. But, just sometimes it does really small, but […]

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Oct 17

Coding CLP with RDi – setting width and other code prettiness

I was happily editing some CLP code in RDi and very pleased with the Rational Developers automatic code reformatting: stretching out my Control Language code to fit the screen neatly. This is a nice enhancement to the code editing experience and blows the trusty old SEU workhorse out of the water…. I like how it […]

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Oct 16

BLM – Black Lines Matter

I’m getting old — 50 earlier this year — and my eyesight is failing. Seriously, I bought some of those old man reading glasses from Walmart. You know the ones, the “old people” ones! 🙂   Five bucks for a little old Victorian style pair of readers that perch on the end of your nose and […]

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Oct 11

RDi V9.6 is here and it’s got some nice little tweaks

New Version 9.6 of Rational Developer for i (RDi) announced. It has lots of minor tweaks and a couple of major tweaks and at least one #NICKLITTENAPPROVED tweak (now we can press ENTER to split code lines). Rational Developer for i, V9.6 is finally compatible with Eclipse 4.6, providing new base functionality and integration with […]

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