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I am sick of Islamic Terrorists

I’m fuming at the ridiculous mixture of extremism and political correctness that is swamping social media regarding todays incredibly evil killings in Belgium. Killings perpetrated in the name of Islam. The facts Innocent people have been murdered by this act of planned EVIL. Regular people both secular and religious alike were killed. Religion (ISIS the […]

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Jibbers Crabst – convert to Crustaceanity

Don’t know who Jibbers Crabst is? Watch this video and convert to Crustacenaity. He is our Lord and Savior and Lobster. Find salvation, convert to Crustaceanity and find the One Lobster Truth through our Lord and Savior™, Jibbers Crabst. The oatmeal is one of my most favorite online distractions. Matt Inman, the author of the aforementioned comic brilliance, […]

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