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Oct 10

What is an RPG Copybook?

IBM i , Programming , RPG

A copybook is a technique that us RPG PROGRAMMERS use to suck in piece of re-useable code without having to type it every time into lots of programs. A typical use of a copybook might be something like this scenario: Every program within an application uses the *LDA (Local Data Area) to store specific pieces […]

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Jul 22

AS400 SEU: Stoneage Entry Utility

IBM i , Life , Programming

IBM Code Editor – S.E.U. (or Stoneage Entry Utility) As I drag myself, kicking and screaming, out of the green-on-black stone ages and into the sunny clear skies of 21st century web enabled coding, I find myself seriously confused about what tools I should use to write this new fangled code. Leaving the world of […]

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