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Sep 02

How can I learn modern RPG using ILE or Free Form?

First of all – if there was a quick and easy solution to “how to quickly become a productive RPG IV and ILE programmer” then all of us old AS400, iSeries and IBM I developers would have gobbled up that solution in double quick time. But, it really is much easier than it seems. Modern […]

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Jul 26

Right Adjust Numeric into Alpha field using RPG Free

I have a NUMERIC in an RPG program that I want to move RIGHT into an Alpha field. In the old days of RPG3 I would use MOVE but in the new days of RPG4 I have a couple of more flexible solutions. So, lets say we have a numeric field containing the number 1234, […]

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Jun 10

Doing Loop the Do Loops in RPG3 and RPG /Free

So, whenever possible, if I’m editing some old RPG3 or RPG400 code I spend a coffee* cleaning the code up to a more readable form. Cleaning old Do Loops in RPG3 can be a head scratching experience: Use CVTRPGSRC if its old RPG3 stuff Change ‘1’ to *ON Change ‘0’ to *OFF Change Z-ADD to […]

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Feb 28

RPG **FREE is finally fully free form

Modern ILE RPG now (finally) supports “fully-free” RPG Source code This means, we can write RPG code from column 1 to the end of the line — just like other languages. No more jumping to character 10 to get passed the old reserved (H,F,D,I,C,O) specification column. You must code **FREE in column 1 of the […]

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Jan 07

Upgrade old RPG ‘DO’ loops to sexy new RPGLE ‘FOR’ loops

Upgrading old source code — aka refactoring — is a fun past time and there are frequent little code snippets that I refactor over and over again. Some look similar but some look very different in modern language style. It’s perhaps worth documenting them in case someone else is trying to figure out alternative ways […]

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Nov 13

Latest version of RPG is RPG7.1 right?

RPG is not a Rocket Propelled Grenade RPG2 is that Logic Cycle Thing RPG3 is the System/38 version RPG400 is the revamped RPG3 that came with AS400 ​everything after that is RPG… unless its ILE then its RPGLE or sometimes RPG4, or its free format so its RPGLE /Free… or its SQL so its RPGSQL […]

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Sep 27

What does an RPG Programmer do?

If you are a software developer then you will know that RPG is an IBM programming Language. It’s also a Rocket Propelled Grenade. It’s also an acronym for Role Playing Games. This blog will have lots of waffle about being an RPG Programmer and just the occasional explosion or online sexy elf. RPG Programmers create […]

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Jan 26

History of the IBM RPG programming language

*RPG – NO, RPG Developer doesnt mean that I write Role Playing Games, primarily aimed at men in basements pretending they are fit young elven women and running around casting spells 😉 So, as an RPG* Developer I am definitely biased towards IBM’s best and most versatile language. IBM RPG has evolved massively from the […]

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