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Jan 08

Advantages of RPGLE ILE language over RPG400 and RPG3


Found some more old documents (I didnt write them so dont shoot the poor AS400 programming messenger) that I’ve decided to move to the forum rather than leave in the dusty corners of my hard drive…..


1. Advantages of  ILE:


RPG IV is more readable

Allows for greater application modularity with static binding which means there are fewer external calls.

Enhances programmer productivity by allowing greater code re use

Enhances mixed language support by allowing the binding ILE languages  into a single program

Builds a foundation for  the future by moving closer to object oriented design , modular programming and code reuse


Enhancements in RPGIV


Mixed Case entry permitted

Compiler is not case sensitive 

Compiler can translate mixed case to upper case.

Character names allowed

Full DDS length supported

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