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Apr 04

How to get a list of all files in an IFS folder


Talking to a colleague this morning, we were discussing a vendor supplied series of spreadsheets (in CSV format) that his team needed to process. “What’s the best way to read all the spreadsheets in an IFS folder so we can process them?” bald bloke in the office Well, we have a nice simple technique to […]

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Mar 04

How to read a Data Area (*DTAARA) using IBM i SQL


Our first problem is, SQL doesn’t know what a *DTAARA is. SQL reads data from Tables but our gloriously quirky IBM i Box has other places to secretly store data. Data Areas are just one of these tricky little blocks of data that other machines don’t know about – think of them as a single […]

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Feb 27


IBM i , Programming , RPG

AKA – writing a new DSPLY opcode that shows more than 52 characters Using the DSPLY opcode to quickly debug a program has long been a staple of us RPG keyboard whackers. The DSPLY operation lets us “display the data in a variable” onto the screen. Everyone uses this quick and dirty technique and everyone […]

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Oct 17

Sample CLP program template

IBM i , AS400 , iSeries , Programming

IBMi Control Language, Templates and Subroutines Control Language (*CLP) is a wonderful little tool in every IBM i Programmer’s toolkit. Sadly it’s frequently derided, frowned upon and ridiculed by RPG chaps and chappettes. OK, so CL isn’t a full suite business language, but reminds me of learning BBC BASIC back in my school days. I […]

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