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Turnover 3 – Promoting RPG using Turnover Forms

Promoting RPG So, you have completed your programming! You have tested the code in your library and it’s ready to pass on to the QA testing team or the User Acceptance Test team. How are we going to do that in Turnover? The process is called promotion and you do it using a thing called […]

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Turnover 2 – Checking out code, editing and compiling using the Programmers Work list

Checking out code – this is booking the code or reserving it for *you* to work on. This takes a copy of the high level (UAT, QA, TST or PROD) into your developer library and lets you work on it. You work and compile it in there using the Programmers Worklist (which is Turnover’s version […]

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Turnover 1 – Using iSeries Projects and Tasks

iSeries Projects in Turnover Every progam that you plan to work on much be on a Programmers worklist which will be assigned to a Project/Task (or a Project/Task/Subtask) – so just think of the project as a way of grouping similar programs, or working tasks together: Projects have Tasks. Tasks have subtasks. I hope this […]

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