So, lets start on the right foot. I cannot spell. Even though I spend my life reading books, reading technical documentation, writing programs, typing web content and am surrounded by the written (and digital) word for 20 hours a day I will admit to being a terrible speller.

It’s the common words that get me, and of course, my own particular brand of over; punctuating every-thing!!!!  😉

Anyway, I digress.

I dont have a problem with the myriad of miss-spelt words on line, or the new text-speak that is becoming so common in blogs and online articles by those of us who are still the sunny side of 30. alrite m8? The trouble is using search engines to find information when it is clearly written in a different language. No, not French or German, not even British or American English, but quite simply English and badly-spelt-English.

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