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Copying iSeries fields from numeric to Alpha – aka using SQL to change column data type

So – today I was talking to colleague who wanted to make a database change to a big old file. This meant changing one of the fields from 7 numeric to 12 alpha. Sounds simple right? Oh if only life were that simple… Now add the complexity that you have to do this change in […]

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Update an IBM i file with SQL cursor using SQLRPGLE WHERE CURRENT OF

Using SQL in RPGLE programs is easier than you think. Making the move from RPG native file IO to SQL database IO is really quite straightforward.  Changing from good old READE loops to SQL FOR Loops simply means using the SQL CURSOR function. SQL has a groovy way of referring to what the stuff that […]

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I wish I could take credit for this article. But I cant 🙂  It hits the nail on the head and the author (Daniel Gray) explains himself very clearly: Getting up to speed with PHP on the IBM I If I can, I’d like to offer my IBM I friends some advice on getting up […]

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Replace IBM i Native File Access with SQL

I found this excellent article by Birgitta Hauser, Software and Database Engineer, Toolmaker Advanced Efficiency GmbH. It covers the basic concepts you will need to consider if you want to “Replace IBM i Native File Access with SQL” Just in case it vanishes I’m going to reproduce it here: If you are considering SQL and […]

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