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Oct 27

Windows Setup for IBM i Developers

Every propeller head takes some kind of perverse joy from wiping and reinstalling their Windows Machine. I know I do. After a year of various software installs, un-installs, re-installs, tweaks, hacks, dicking around (that’s a technical term) my Windows machine starts to get twitchy and a little punch drunk. It’s time for a fresh install and […]

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Jul 30

What’s the best Free RPG Editor?

If you are reading this blog then chances are you are (a) an RPG Programmer and (b) using SEU to edit your code and (c) you are frustrated that SEU wont syntax check new RPG anymore! It’s time to leap into an RPG EDITOR or be pushed… RDi is bloody good but it’s also a very expensive code […]

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May 11

Disable RPGLE ‘live parsing’ using Rational Developer (IBM RDi)

“IBM Rdi” is arguably the best code editor for coding on IBM i. That’s pretty much a given. But, it’s still filled with little annoyances and things that make me groan. one in particular is the lagginess and freeziing that comes when trying to edit very large programs using less that top-notch computer hardware. I […]

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Feb 28

Turn off RDi Line Resequencing for RPG

Source code line number sequencing in Rational Developer for IBM i Updating a source member and adding a bunch of lines will re-sequence the line numbers by default. Turning re-sequencing *OFF lets us clearly see added, deleted or changed blocks of code. We can set this on the exit line of SEU and also if […]

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Feb 01

Duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D

Duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D

Yes – Forget COPY/BEFORE/AFTER and quickly duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D. It’s really that simple. If, like me, you grew up with SEU as your terminal based editor choice – you will be used to Copy and Before or After. You might even get a little fancy and use the RePeat code to […]

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Feb 25

How to add the Turnover V100 Perspective to WDSC7

OK. So we already agree that using WDSC for IBM i software editing, for free, is pretty cool. But, adding Turnover V100 to it, so you can do everything from one place is even cooler. Once we have added the Turnover perspective to our existing WDSC7 setup then we can flick between perspectives to edit/compile […]

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Aug 14

Fix RDi/WDSC Turnover V100 extension problems

Having Extension Problems? Viagra isnt helping? Then you have come to the right place. If you are seeing compatibility errors, perspective crashes or white screen of death when trying to open Turnover from within WDSC then this might just help. I’ve had a horrible time trying to get WDSC7 Turnover Perspective working when using the […]

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Jul 09

How to speed up IBM WDSC or RDi for faster RPG editing

WDSC7 is the coolest (free) editor for RPG/CL programmers on the IBM i operating system. We know that right? But it’s still annoyingly clunky to use at times, Unless you free it up to use some more memory and let it run free… like a gazelle… even if its a little bit of a parky […]

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Jan 15

Update WebSphere Development Studio Client to Version

So, you’ve installed WDSC7 now what? 1 – Automatically update to WebSphere Development Studio Client, Version Install the fix pack with the same user account that installed the product. Restrictions: WebSphere Development Studio Client for iSeries, Version 7.0,,,, or must be installed. The product cannot be open when you install […]

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Feb 19

How to install WDSC – the SDA and RLU alternative

WDSC is a terrific graphical Coding Tool for the IBMi – Best in class of the ‘free as400 coding’ tools. For editing RPG and/or CL its a no brainer. Clean screen editing and a whole bunch of very cool tools that simply blow the old SEU environment out of the water. “But what about the […]

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