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Sep 18

IBM i Webservices – REST vs. SOAP

SOAP is a protocol – REST is an architectural style (a design for network-based software architectures) REST concepts are referred to as resources. A representation of a resource must be stateless. It is represented via some media type. Some examples of media types include XML, JSON, and RDF. Resources are manipulated by components. Components request […]

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Jun 01

RPG example: store webservice reply XML or JSON in IFS

As an RPG Programmer you are probably writing a ton of code to talk to remote webservices out there in internet land. If you are just learning webservice programming, it can seem like a daunting exercise. So, to help you with your first steps on the journey, here is a simple RPG CODE EXAMPLE which […]

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May 30

What is JSON_TABLE on IBM i?

Most IBM i shops using webservices to talk to the Internet, will convert the data they are sharing into a web-service format like XML or JSON before sending it out. Obviously the responses will be in the same format and they need to convert it back into native IBM i format to use it. That […]

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Oct 04

What does a WizDul do for a Web-Service?

I found this old word document that had a neat overview of WSDL (Web Services Description Language) and how it used as part of a web-service. Useful memory jogger: WSDL (pronounced “wiz’-dul”) …is an XML-based interface definition language that is used for describing the functionality offered by a web service. WSDL stands for Web Services […]

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Jul 14

IBM i Webservices Primer – SOAP or REST?

AS400 or iSeries webservices – Primer If you are reading this it’s probably because you are researching webservices, perhaps looking for an IBM i Webservices Primer and googled something like “what is the difference between SOAP and REST on IBM i webservices – please help me I am going insane“? http://bfy.tw/9ON0 Dont worry – help is […]

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Jun 17

RPGLE Webservices – RPGLE Converting Character to Numeric

I’m in the final stages of a fun project writing web-services to interface INFOR System21 (on an IBM i aka AS400) with ACSIS Visitrack (on Windows Server), we are consuming (receiving) and serving (sending) all data in a standard alphameric layout But… as any RPG programmer will know… the conversion between alpha to numeric is […]

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Feb 15

use LIBHTTP to talk SOAP to websites using RPGLE on IBM i

HTTPAPI (LIBHTTP) on IBM i is the bomb. Luckily I am not boarding a plane at the moment, so I can use that kind of language without getting strip searched by some burly TSA agents. After spending far too long investigating various techniques to get my IBM i system to talk to an external website […]

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Dec 16

Webservice from IBM i RPGLE program out to the web

So, for a recent project I wanted to create a simple webservice, a “heartbeat” program that would be written in RPG and would reply to anbody calling it from anywhere on the network with a simple response that indicated that it worked. A webservice is routine that can be called over a TCP/IP network. • […]

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