Bloody VPN is giving me a headache! Microsoft released an update to Win8.1 this week — which has screwed my Cisco VPN connection. Again. I thought it was only my Win10 laptop that was hating Cisco VPN but I think there is a developer on the Windows team that hates Cisco… lets call him “Henry”.

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With one whole day of using, playing and tinkering with the new Windows10 Technical Preview – I have nothing but nice things to say about it. It’s great(ish)   🙂 Well… that is not quite accurate as I have hit one or two niggling problems… but here is the solution to the main finger biter: SHREWSOFT

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Just did a clean in install of Windows XP Pro followed by an immediate upgrade to Vista… yes I know its a pain…. but I only have an upgrade disc.
After sitting through hours worth of service packs, hotfixes and various other massively packaged Microsoft downloads i eventually got my trusty Ibm Lenovo Thinkpad Z60T to a stage where it’s more or less working… now its on to the next stage… Thinkpad bits.
Mainly I like the fingerprint scanner… it’s great just to power up, swipe and be logged in.
So, this time i downloaded the Lenovo System Updater…

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