Nick Litten
IBM i Software Developer

Digital Dad, AS400 Anarchist, Software Modernizer, Alpha Nerd and Passionate Eater of Cheese and Biscuits. Working with computers all day is fun in a nerdy mouse clicking, brain tumbling, chin scratching, sandal wearing kind of way.

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Recent Projects

Las Vegas Sands
IBM i Software Development
The Projex Academy
Web design
IBM i Software Development
Freelance IT Consultant
IBM i Software Development
Web design
Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein
AS400 RPG Code Modernization

Core Beliefs

  • Toolkit Development

    Building Projex4i the IBM i Programmers Toolit is a fun diversion from playing with websites, playing Ingress and motovlogging

  • Code Quality

    Software Development is an artform. Program source code can be beautiful. Sometimes. My mission is to chance sometimes to always

  • Extensive Documentation

    RPG code can be decades old and supporting those programs is complex. Clear concise source code documentation is important

  • Freelance

    Being freelance is all about the beautiful work life balance. Ignore the 5 day work week. Work as needed when needed. Go the extra yard!

  • Responsive

    Responsive web design is important. Using a responsive IT Consultant is more important. Working closely with my clients is a joy 

  • Prototypes

    From writing new program code to designing modernized Web 2.0 replacements for 5250 green screens can be built as prototypes. Lets do this


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