January 2


How to Upload a SAVF with IBM I ACS a.k.a. Upgrade HTTPAPI (LIBHTTP) to V7.2

By NickLitten

January 2, 2020

#ibm i

What is IBM i HTTPAPI?

HTTPAPI is an IBM i library (LIBHTTP) containing a full set of API’s allowing any IBM i programmer to write webservices to read, write and tinker (those are technical terms) with cloud based applications. For example, you could use the HTTPAPI library to easily add some code to an RPG program, letting you validate a USPS postal address in real time (by calling the GOOGLE address validation webservice).

HTTPAPI is written by Scott Klement and is Open Source.

How to Upload a SAVF with IBM I ACS a.k.a. Upgrade HTTPAPI (LIBHTTP) to V7.2 1
Grab the current version from Scott’s website

I’m a huge fan of Scotts’s excellent API interface for talking to webservices. It makes the whole thing so simple, it feels transparent. It comes with a handful of sample RPGLE code snippets to let you easily grasp the concepts of making an existing RPG program easily talk to something out there on the internet, or out there on a server in your company network.

Just in case Scott’s website is every offline here is a mirror of the Jan 2020 IBMi7.2 implementation of HTTPAPI

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