July 9


MariaDB (MySQL) with IBM i PHP

By NickLitten

July 9, 2022

IBM i, MySQL, php

WORK IN PROGRESS – Come back later to see if this blog has been updated with some real time findings. It will be. But maybe take a bit of time. I’m just busy in the real world doing real stuff and and this install is kind of tricky stuff… I can tell you 😉

Using MariaDB (MySQL) with IBM i PHP

Following Part 3 – where we verified our installation of IBM i MariaDB (MySQL) – the next red hot, and slightly relieved, question is “OK, So just how do we use this darn MySQL Database on our IBM i Server??”

Me – with a cold coffee

Now that MariaDB is on your IBM i Power System, let’s fire it up and see if it works.

1 – Download WordPress

Grab the latest WordPress from https://wordpress.org/download/

Mariadb (mysql) with ibm i php 1

Now let’s choose a PHP Server which will power WordPress to the Cloud

2 – Download PHP Server

Side-by-Side Comparison of PHP Options

FeatureCommunityPlus+ PHPZend ServerZendPHP
Provider (and link to offering home page)Seiden GroupZend by PerforceZend by Perforce
Free to use?YesNoYes
Suitable for production workloads?Yes, with support in placeYes, with support in placeYes, with support in place
SupportAvailable from Seiden Group and/or IBM.Available through Zend Server paid licenseAvailable from Perforce or IBM.
Supported release lifespanDetermined by open source communityLong term support beyond community project timeframesDetermined by open source community
  Long-term support beyond community project timeframes is also available.
Classic ibm_db2 database connector supportSee this document for detailsSee this document for detailsSee this document for details
How to acquire and install?Install as RPM from Seiden GroupDownload from Perforce portal. Installed as IBM i Licensed Program (LPP) or an IBM i RPMInstall as RPM from Perforce’s repository
Available PHP extensionsfull list here. Others available upon request.Contact Perforcefull list here
IBM i toolkit included with distributionYesYesYes
Can integrate with IBM’s integrated Apache HTTP Server?Yes (can be automatically configured)YesYes (automatically done by installer)
Can integrate with the Nginx HTTP ServerYes (requires manual setup)Yes (requires manual setup)Yes (requires manual setup)
Database connectivityPDO_ODBC or odbc, requires setup of ODBC driver ibm_db2 or PDO_IBM modules (included)PDO_ODBC or odbc if 64bit, requires setup of ODBC driver ibm_db2 or PDO_IBM modules (included)PDO_ODBC or odbc, requires setup of ODBC driver ibm_db2 or PDO_IBM modules
(PDO_IBM module requires manual build)
Bit modes available64bit32bit (LPP)
64bit (RPM)
Compatible with Zend FrameworkYesYesYes
Can run inside a chroot-based container?Yes (doc)NoYes
Comes with 5250 management interfacesNoYesNo
Comes with preconfigured subsystems for job managementNoYesNo
Performance toolsxdebugZend Server performance toolsxdebug
Comes with Zend Server interface for deploying and monitoring applicationsNoYesNo

Choices… Choices…. Choices….

I’ve opted for the Seiden CommunityPlus+ PHP Server

Mariadb (mysql) with ibm i php 2

To install Seiden CommunityPlus+ PHP, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Make sure your IBM i Open Source environment is properly set up.

STEP 2: Install CommmunityPlus+ PHP RPMs. (The document password is seidenrpms)

STEP 3: Set up an Apache web server instance: automatically with our siteadd utility or manually

STEP 4: Configure common settings such as PHP error logging and mail(), if needed.

  • Hi Nick, hope your well? Did you manage to get any further on this project, as it was just starting to get very interesting 😉 & I had already installed PHP, MariaDB many moons ago and curious if WordPress worked.

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