A Strangers (Dodgy) Sample Subfile Program

About A Strangers (Dodgy) Sample Subfile Program

A Sample Subfile Program in RPG - ILE /FREE style - DODGY VERSION

A common Sample Subfile Program in RPG ILE - is it any good?

I didn't write this but it's been around since 2012

Ibm rpg
But, having said that, the code itself is a decade old. What would we expect?

Come with me while we step through the code, discuss what it's doing and why it's doing it.

Then we can compile it. Fix any problems we find along the way and finally... hopefully... end up with a working program.

SPOILER ALERT - The code does not compile straight out of the box. It is missing some copybook members. I solved the problem by making various small tweaks and re-writing the message handling copybooks to remove the need for the missing ones.
It's not the most beautiful thing and this RPG source code does not bring me joy.. but.. it's a good example to walk through if you are learning RPG ILE.

NOTE: I will attach the final version of the source code to the final lesson in this module.

Module Content

A Sample Subfile Program in RPG - ILE /FREE style - DODGY VERSION

Introduction to a Simple RPG Subfile So, I found an old RPGLE Subfile example on a website that is top of the search engine list. This means it's been visited and downloaded thousands of times. But does that mean it's anygood? Don't waste time trying yourself - watch me do it for you :)

RPG Subfile DSPF - A Quick Look at the data description specifications (DDS)

RPG Subfile - Review the RPG program source code - Part 1 COPYBOOK

RPG Subfile - Review the RPG program source code - Part 2 RPG BODY

RPG Subfile - Making this dodgy program compile

RPG Subfile - Test the RPG program and see what it does

Now that we've walked through this RPGLE subfile example, and have a working version, we have to ask ourselves - IS THIS A GOOD EXAMPLE? If YES - then what is good about it? If NO - then what is bad? What do we hate? What do we tolerate? What can we improve? If ***** (that is a swear word) then what kind of subfile example would I write? *SPOILER ALERT* This subfile code example is NOT LITTEN APPROVED. Be prepared for some Bawdy Anglo-Saxon Expletives

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