May 20


One small step for IBMi kind

By NickLitten

May 20, 2011

Last week, my office started a health and wellness campaign to promote a little activity for us sedentary office folks. Great idea.

So, I joined the IT TEAM with an aim of getting of my substantial backside and walking a few miles every day. This should be good news for my waistline, great news for my heart and fantastic news for Bonehead (the insane labradoodle).

First week is just completed. I’ve been office bound this week and combined with April Showers (even tho its May) my out-side walkies exposure has been low. It’s been a sedentary week in the office, with every day raining and my walking limited to hotel-ofice-watercooler type scenario. Overall, a Very poor showing by me just averaging under a mile per day in the office – only saved by my outdoors life last weekend.

A shave under 9 miles for me = 17,410 steps

I’ve written a program to improve my walking rates for next week J


Dog_walking_mode = *ON;

If Not Tired and Sunshine = *on;
  Pedometer += 1;
  Goto Pub;



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