Use RDi to make RPGLE lowercase
Internet fact #173 - If you make RPGLE lowercase it looks a lot prettier! If you've ever read any of[...]
Coding CLP with RDi – setting width and other code prettiness
I was happily editing some CLP code in RDi and very pleased with the Rational Developers automatic code reformatting: stretching[...]
#IBMi Control Language, Templates and Subroutines
Control Language (*CLP) is a wonderful little tool in every IBM i Programmer's toolkit. Sadly it's frequently derided, frowned upon[...]
BLM – Black Lines Matter
I'm getting old -- 50 earlier this year -- and my eyesight is failing. Seriously, I bought some of those[...]
The State of AS400 iSeries Application Modernization
Typically our aging AS400 and Iseries applications are stateful. So, if we are looking at iSeries application modernization, is it[...]
IBM i Server job QZRCSRVS is a mouthful of wiggly worms
QZRCSRVS is the Remote Command/Distributed Program Call host server. Quite a mouthful to say. Try and say QSRCSRVS with a[...]
RDi V9.6 is here and it’s got some nice little tweaks
New Version 9.6 of Rational Developer for i (RDi) announced. It has lots of minor tweaks and a couple of[...]
Email every spool file in an output queue – EMLOUTQ for IBM i
Email an OUTQ - should be simple? Here you are, you have this output queue filled with reports and you[...]
Country Music for RPG Programmers
So, I've been stateside for a few years now. Still British. Nothing beats a nice cuppa tea and a crisp[...]
What is an RPG Open Access Handler?
It's not someone that makes door handles is it? In software development a handler is a routine/function/method specializing in working with a[...]
RPG Programmers #winning
When I was a lad - you read the newspaper for news, you talked to neighbors to network and find[...]
Writing a CAPTCHA style IBMi routine for ENABLING and DISABLING user profiles
Resetting forgotten IBM i (aka iSeries and AS400) passwords is a PITA! And I don't mean PITA BREAD. So, a[...]