RDi 9.6 from Evaluation to Licensed RDi Glory


Nov 28

You have an IBM Rational Developer (RDi 9.5) license but want to add the license to the new RDi version 9.6! The new version needs a new License code to be downloaded and installed from IBM. So, grab a coffee and let’s go through the download and install process in easy steps (aka multiple gulps)

Assuming you have downloaded your license from IBM… I know, I know, that old “ASS out of U and ME” saying might always apply here so, if you haven’t downloaded the RDI License from IBM then you will not be able to see the “Licensed RDi Glory” so quickly go here and grab it… then come back… you will not want to miss the beer, naked dancers (specify your personal gender of choice) and dance music that goes along with the RDi Install.

#fakeNews #noBeer #noDancers #noMusic

But we do have an install of an RPG Programming Language editor.

What gets more exciting than that? Eh? Eh?

Launch RDi in Administrator MODE

If you launch it as a lowly plebian you might see this:

That’s the sign that you screwed up.


When RDi launches it will check the license status and tell you need to apply your new RDi 9.6 license code.

With your license ZIP file clutched in your sweaty little hand let’s do this thing.

Click Manage licenses

Click Apply License

This will launch the IBM Installation Manager

In this screen shot you can see that I have both the old 9.5 version installed ( with it’s 9.5 license applied) and the newer 9.6 version in TRIAL mode. We are going to click IMPORT PRODUCT ACTIVATION KIT and select our sexy little downloaded ZIP file with the license JAR in it:

Upgrade using the installer

click NEXT

when it asks for the license repository click BROWSE and goto the folder where you download your license ZIP file:

Select the license file and :

After accepting the glaringly obvious “are you sure you want to do this” type questions, the install will happen.

Hopefully you will see this:

Licensed RDi Glory

And that as they say is that.

You can hear the fat lady singing… or for the more politically correct reader “you can hear the gender-fluid non-binary being of significant physical proportion vocalizing”

Either way, it’s time to get back into some coding.

Launch RDi and get tapping that keyboard.



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