Sep 11

Innies, Outies in SQL #bellybuttons


Going for the Guinness Book of Records for vague blog titles I decided to waffle about inner joins and outer joins in the world of bellybuttons *cough* Structured Query Language. Since plagiarism is the best form of flattery, Chirag Sharma (over at Guru99) wrote a very nice article about the finer points of SQL INNER […]

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Aug 18

Going the (Levenshtein) Distance in RPG Free

IBM i , Programming

Over on the RPG Cafe website, a nice chap called Smit Dixit published a sample of his RPGLE code calculating the Levenshtein distance between two words. What is the Levenshtein Distance? The Levenshtein distance is a string metric for measuring difference between two sequences. Informally, the Levenshtein distance between two words is the minimum number […]

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Jul 29

5733XJ1 IBM i Access Client Solutions – QuickStartGuide


The content of this document was last updated on: March 29, 2019 Contents: 1.0 Introduction2.0 Installation for Windows3.0 Installation for Mac4.0 Installation for Linux5.0 Installing Updates6.0 More Information7.0 Uninstall 1.0 Introduction This guide provides instructions on how to deploy this product on a local disk drive for a single user. There are a variety of […]

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Jul 08

IFS File system error occurred. Error number 3021?


Some of IBM’s error messages are more cryptic than others. Copying files from the IFS using CPYFRMIMPF sometimes spits out error messages which are less than clear: CPYFRMIMPF FRMSTMF(‘/FOLDER/FOLDER/FILE’) TOFILE(*LIBL/FILENAME) MBROPT(REPLACE) RCDDLM(LF) STRDLM(NONE) RMVBLANK(NONE)FLDDLM(TAB) ERRRCDOPT(REPLACE) RPLNULLVAL(FLDDFT) File system error occurred. Error number 3021Copy command ended because of error. Internet Search for CPYFRMIMPF 3021 shows nothing! […]

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Jul 03

How to rename IFS Files

IBM i , IFS , Programming

rename IFS Files

Colleague asked me this question just a minute ago – as he said “its obvious when you know how but not when you dont” Simply use the IBM i RNM command: Personally, I find this command syntax a little annoying: fully qualifying the FROM string and then just using the unqualified NEW file name in […]

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Jun 29

How to copy IBM i IFS folder


AKA – How to copy IBM i IFS folder and all subfolders and documents to a new Location I just upgraded a clients PRESTO Server to the current version 8.1 What is Presto? It’s commonly called an IBM i Modernization Application : Essentially transforming the old fashioned AS400 style Green Screen terminals to modern Webstyle […]

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