Jan 27

Back when ebusiness was young and the AS400 had just become the iseries

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I found this old email tucked away in a dark, damp corner of my old desktop. Covered in cobwebbs, sticky with splashes of Jolt Cola and sticky bits of snickers bars it raised a wry smile whgen I read it. A quick cut/paste later and here it is. I sent this to some of my AS400 team members when on site for a client in London. A big German bank who’s name rhymes with… erm… well it doesnt rhyme with anything actually.

Anyway, this was my first visit to the Annual News400 conference back in 2000. I had a fantastic time and was in full geek delight for the entire week:



So, I attended the News/400 International Conference in Vail, Colorado, last week.

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Jan 04

Outlook PST File errors fixed by download of scanpst.exe


Fix corrupted OUTLOOK email PST files Awoke this morning to find my Outlook email not working because Outlook2007 was reporting that my PST file was damaged… Aaaaaargh!!! Much scratching of head ensued and vaguely worried faces were pulled while I drank a cup of coffee and wondered what to do next. Outlook says there is […]

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Dec 10

windows vista got a hard time


I’ve grown up with all the flavours of MS Windows from Windows 3.1 through to Vista… Back in the early days my first experience of computers was with the BBC Acorn and BBC-B at School and at home I saved up my pocket money and bypassed the Sinclair ZX81’s that my friends had got for […]

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Oct 27

The Project Charter


This is the first step in the initiating group and is a process called “developing the project charter”. It’s a high level overview of all the factors that are leading into the project and the inputs to the charter are normally documented decisions. This is normally written by the project sponsor or whoever initiated the project. […]

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Oct 24

The great Viagra, Cialis, Acomplia swindle

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So, It’s thursday lunchtime and I’ve just wasted an hour of my life sifting through the thousands of website comments and deleting the spam. 99.9% of it was adverts for (yes, you’ve guessed it) various small blue pills and lotions promising monstrous erections and the ability to proudly say “Hung like BULL

What is it with these horrid companies generating internet spam and splashing it around the website?    Ooooh… it gets my blood pressure raising – AND I DIDNT EVEN NEED A PILL TO DO IT!!!

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Oct 14

The importance of using quality people on your IT project


Randomly surfing around the web this morning I stumbled across an interesting page from an Australian IT Recruitment company. One of their guys had writen a piece on the importance of using quality people on your project from grass roots to upper echelons. It’s a good read with a humourous but all too accurate twist:



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Aug 14

What is a Computer Virus and how do I avoid one?


Email messages with attachments may seem entertaining and harmless… but don’t be fooled! Viruses are commonly spread through email attachments. All it takes is one mouse click to launch a virus that may potentially send itself to everyone in your address book or destroy all of the data on your hard drive. You can avoid […]

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Aug 05

One of my heroes is Dave Litten (Google him).

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‘Uncle Dave’, as I like to call him, is a world class trainer in all aspects of project management; notably PMBOK® and Prince2®. He’s a big name in the field of Project Management Training and has spent decades being flown all over the world to host PM training courses. Fast forward twenty years and this […]

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