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Aug 29

IBM i User Profile – Special Authorities

Authority , IBM i

IBM i Authority is a wonderful beast with many layers of complexity. Like a big red onion, peeling back these layers is simple to do, but sometimes causes some tears, or occasionally full on sobbing and weeping. On the positive side, setting these layers of authority is pretty straightforward as long you stay focused and […]

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Aug 24

WordPress Jetpack Error “Server unable to connect with my site http 404”

Life , Authority , Programming , Webservice , Website , Wordpress

Tinkering with one of my wordpress sites I noticed that Jetpack was unable to connect. The WordPress Jetpack Error says “Server unable to connect with my site http 404” which is nicely vague. Luckily, the excellent support guys over at ICDSOFT quickly gave me the solution: 1: Log into the control panel obviously your control […]

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Jul 01

Trump announces we need to start planning for the Y10K Software Crisis

IBM i , AS400 , Authority , iSeries , Life , Programming , RPG , Software Change Management

Washington DC – President Trump announced his government is launching a special software advisory group – “Not long ago we all went through the Year 2000 crisis. If you were in the computer and software industry you recall the many headaches in converting and changing databases and software so the Year 2000 would be a […]

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Apr 09

IBM i laughs at the bleeding heart

IBM i , AS400 , Authority , iSeries

News of the moment is the deadly sounding HEARTBLEED SECURITY FLAW The flaw, dubbed “Heartbleed”, could reveal anything which is currently being processed by a web server – including our sensitive secure information being used inside the site. Heartbleed’s technical name is ‘the CVE-2014-0160 exploit’ which exposes vulnerabilities in the popular OpenSSL server software potentially […]

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