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Nov 24

Use MSGCON to display a MSGID from a MSGF

IBM i , DDS , Programming

By using MSGCON (message constant) keyword. You use MSGCON, a field-level keyword to declare the text for constant fields is contained in a message description. Years ago, this was used by a lot of companies to create multilingual display files. The idea was that you could remove the ENGLISH language fields from every *DSPF and […]

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Mar 04


iSeries , AS400 , DDS , IBM i , SQL

When you do the RUNSQLSTM to create your SQL Objects – Do not qualify library names but use the Turnover variables just like you would define PDM variables: ? RUNSQLSTM SRCFILE(“&SL”/”&SF” SRCMBR(“&SM”) COMMIT(*NONE) NAMING(*SYS) DFTRDBCOL(“&LI”) Turnover uses the DFTRDBCOL column “&LI” to populate the other *library* variables. DFTRDBCOL(NLITTEN) Most shops I’ve been to use QSQLSRC […]

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Feb 05

“IBM I Cocoa” is the new Java

AS400 , DDS , IBM i , Life

Glendale, CA – Cocoa is a hot new programming language developed by Nestle Microsystems. The language was originally designed for programming hot chocolate machines but Nestle soon realized that the language had the potential to do much more. Because it is “architecture neutral” it can run on any device with a microchip including PCs, the […]

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