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Mar 20

What is AS400 modernization?

I’ve been involved in some heavy RPG modernization projects recently. Ranging from application replacements, to middleware webservice integrations to light code dusting…. I enjoy it all, just a little too much! Forget Alcoholics Anonymous, I should attend a software modernization addicts meetings where AA = AS400 Anonymous “Yes my name is Nick Litten and I […]

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May 23

Modernize AS400 iSeries Queries – Convert to IBM i SQL

This week I be mainly…. working on a Casino System upgrade, dragging decades old code into the twenty first century. Old RPG3, RPG400, CLP programs and techniques using outdated OPNQRYF and QUERIES are fighting back tooth and nail. I love this schnizzle. 🙂 One of the techniques for upgrading/converting older QUERY400 reports to modern SQL […]

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May 12

Use IBM i SQL to validate email addresses in Customer Master File

So, we have a customer masterfile that’s been around for years. Users have been keying in customer info and sometimes adding email addresses, sometimes not, sometimes entering nonsense or even just text that says things like “this chap has no email so don’t email him”. Yes, it’s a filthy dirty file filled with grubby email […]

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Apr 15

Set off all RPG Indicators in a program

RPG INDICATORS are switches Just like car indicators (or ‘blinkers’ as my American cousins call them) they can be switched *ON or *OFF in a program to indicate the state of a certain piece of logic. In the IBM RPG language, it used to logically flick the switch of a numeric indicator 01-99 to “indicate” […]

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Jan 29

Free RPG Editor – ILEDITOR could be called RDi Lite ;)

I’ve been waiting for a simple free-format RPG editor for the longest time. Opensource ILEditor delivers. It’s free, open source, actively maintained and growing in support. It’s quick and simple to use, and I can already see that as it’s popularity grows new functions will be easy to add. #nice The Author is Liam Allen […]

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Jan 02

+Happy New Year 2018

+Happy New Year 2018. One of my new years resolutions was to write cleaner code, and in the spirit of out with the old and in with the new… I already use the RPG COPYRIGHT statement and the CL COPYRIGHT STATEMENT to store the copyright message and (more importantly to me) the Version or Release number […]

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