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Sep 11

A small yellow iSeries…


…with 4 wheels that also mows the lawn I’ve just spent a particularly enjoyable hour cutting the grass at home… wait I hear you say… did he say enjoying and cutting grass in the same sentence? Well… Yes I Did. We’ve just got a new mower. It’s Cub Cadet iSeries. Believe it or not hadnt […]

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Aug 09

is facebook a big book full of faces


No. It’s a website which millions of people visit every day, or in some cases every hour of the every day so they can satisfy their inherent need to spy on their friends and family. It’s also used to grow crops and bug people in the incredibly annoying Farmthing application. You can also really annoy […]

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Jul 31

Bombshell Dropped at COMMON – Bill Gates Keynote Speaker


Nashville, TN – The 2008 Annual Meeting and Exposition of the COMMON user group took place in Nashville, Tennessee. The opening session began at 3:30 pm on Sunday and what a session that was! First the audience was welcomed by COMMON president Randy Dufault where he outlined the highlights of the coming week. Then he […]

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Jul 22

AS400 SEU: Stoneage Entry Utility

IBM i , Life , Programming

IBM Code Editor – S.E.U. (or Stoneage Entry Utility) As I drag myself, kicking and screaming, out of the green-on-black stone ages and into the sunny clear skies of 21st century web enabled coding, I find myself seriously confused about what tools I should use to write this new fangled code. Leaving the world of […]

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Jun 22

Happy 20th Birthday IBM AS/400!


Today marks the 20th anniversary of the announcement of the AS/400. Happy Birthday to an amazing computer system that continues to power thousands of businesses around the globe. The date was June 21st, 1988, when IBM introduced the Application System/400 (AS/400). The AS/400 quickly became one of the world’s most popular business computing systems. By […]

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