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Jul 01

Trump announces we need to start planning for the Y10K Software Crisis

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Washington DC – President Trump announced his government is launching a special software advisory group – “Not long ago we all went through the Year 2000 crisis. If you were in the computer and software industry you recall the many headaches in converting and changing databases and software so the Year 2000 would be a […]

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Jun 28

You say Tomato, I say Pomedoro

Life , Programming

Over the last year, I’ve found a marked decrease in productivity during project work due what seems like a lot more life interruptions. I’m (a) easily distracted, (b) the king of procrastination and (c) frequently trying to multi-task to such a wide degree that I almost completely zone out and have revisit and rework things […]

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Jun 19

If Programming Languages Were Religions

IBM i , Life

RPG would be Jehovah’s Witnesses – RPG programmers are of the elite 144,000 left in the world (because there are only 144,000 left in the world) and believe they are in the last days of the present world and lots of people make fun of them for their beliefs and rigid standards. The modern generation […]

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Jun 14

West Coast Programmers


“Remember, you are on the West Coast now. You are expected to have and use at least one of these….surf board, sail board, skate board. Walking is permitted only in unusual circumstances. Generally you should be running, biking, skate boarding etc. to get from one place to another on terra firma. That is just a […]

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Mar 09

What are the best places to eat in Charleston South Carolina


Loads of choices and a terrific range of great places to eat in Charleston so here’s my personal favorites – trying to cover a broad spectrum. Downtown My favorite *steak* restaurant is called Peninsular Grill and its smack in the middle of downtown. Just park at the old market on, surprisingly enough, market street and […]

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Feb 20

Latest RDi Fixpack for IBM Rational Developer (RPG Code Editor) is V9.5.1.1

AS400 , IBM i , iSeries , Life , Programming , RPG , Software Change Management , Webservice

IBM Rational Developer for i Service Pack V9.5.1.1 is now available This fixpack includes fixes, enhancements and the long awaited Refactoring capability: letting us Rename Declarations from Column based to free format. If you are an RDi User — and if you are an RPG programmer then you will be — use the IBM Installation […]

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Feb 18

Free SSL with ICDSOFT Hosted Websites

Life , Website

ICDSOFT Websites now include free SSL Certificates I’ve used ICDSOFT as my preferred web host for years now. I’ve always been very happy with there prices, fast servers and fantastic customer service. Seriously – their sure support team are the best I’ve every worked with! Let’s Encrypt is a certificate authority that provides free SSL […]

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Feb 01

Duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D

IBM i , Life , Programming

Duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D

Yes – Forget COPY/BEFORE/AFTER and quickly duplicate a line in RDi with CTRL/D. It’s really that simple. If, like me, you grew up with SEU as your terminal based editor choice – you will be used to Copy and Before or After. You might even get a little fancy and use the RePeat code to […]

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Jan 29

AS400 history

AS400 , IBM i , iSeries , Life , Programming

I frequently see this question in places like Quora, and it’s both simple and complicated to answer. Simple because the AS/400 just doesn’t exist anymore. Complicated because, rather stupidly many current day programmers frequently call the IBM i System – “The AS400”.  Sounds crazy right? Who uses the AS/400 anymore? I doubt anyone is using the […]

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