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Playing with Secure (SSL) FTP on IBM i Power System

Or as the grey haired folks would say “How to configure the ISERIES FTP server to use SSL” or as the geriatric brigade would say “making the AS400 talk using that newfangled secure FTP nonsense“. But of course, we know those old computers dont exist anymore and we know that some old people are crazy… […]

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Better performance for re-entrant programs aka reduce static storage

I found this article ages ago and book marked it. I just re-read it and found it just as pertinent today as when it was written 15+ years ago! Tips to reduce static storage The variables in an ILE RPG module or program can be divided into three storage (memory) classes: static, automatic, and heap […]

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Free RPG Editor – ILEDITOR could be called RDi Lite ;)

I’ve been waiting for a simple free-format RPG editor for the longest time. Opensource ILEditor delivers. It’s free, open source, actively maintained and growing in support. It’s quick and simple to use, and I can already see that as it’s popularity grows new functions will be easy to add. #nice The Author is Liam Allen […]

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WooCommerce Multicurrency Free – on product pages only

I just could not think of the best way to describe this blog without using a hundred words. I wanted to write about the enticingly named woocommerce multicurrency free wordpress plugin but the title of this blog should really say “how to display multi-currency prices in woo-commerce shopping carts and tweak them to display the multi-currency […]

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Make ‘System Request 3’ do WRKJOB instead of DSPJOB

AKA Command Line Access from System Request 3 If you are an IBM I software developer or power user – then that headline will make sense. In fact, I can guarantee that’s the only reason you discovered and are reading this page. System Request 3 makes every RPG programmer twitch 3 fingers ready to reach those […]

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