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Mar 20

What is AS400 modernization?

I’ve been involved in some heavy RPG modernization projects recently. Ranging from application replacements, to middleware webservice integrations to light code dusting…. I enjoy it all, just a little too much! Forget Alcoholics Anonymous, I should attend a software modernization addicts meetings where AA = AS400 Anonymous “Yes my name is Nick Litten and I […]

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Dec 05

Cleaning messy IBM i Integrated File System (IFS) file names

This morning I had an email from a blog subscriber ( Hi Rick! ) asking for a code tips on how to cleanup IFS file names to remove erroneous characters and/or malformed directory name slashes. Rather than reply with a plethora of programming options — here is an old, but functional, RPG code snippet that […]

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Oct 31

IBM i SQL – Using SUBST to insert data into a string

A while ago I had a problem where I wanted to change the first two characters in a table and I used the very simple concat and subst operations to do it with SQL. Today, we had a slightly more complex requirement of updating text in the middle of a field using SQL, or in […]

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Jun 13

Funky IBM i Email Validation Program using SQL Regex

Following on from my previous blog (basic email validation) I decided that it would much nicer to (a) have the regex stored in a data area so that we can easily play with it to try different validation scenarios and (b) lets have a shot at a much stricter validation because there is an official […]

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Jun 13

Simple email validation SQL RPG ILE program

There are lots of code snippets, example programs and long waffling discussions in internet land filled with pointy headed AS400, iSeries and IBM i programmer chaps (and chappettes) arguing about the best way to “validate an email address in RPG”. I know because I’ve read nearly all of them, as well as tried all the […]

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May 23

Modernize AS400 iSeries Queries – Convert to IBM i SQL

This week I be mainly…. working on a Casino System upgrade, dragging decades old code into the twenty first century. Old RPG3, RPG400, CLP programs and techniques using outdated OPNQRYF and QUERIES are fighting back tooth and nail. I love this schnizzle. 🙂 One of the techniques for upgrading/converting older QUERY400 reports to modern SQL […]

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Apr 15

Set off all RPG Indicators in a program

RPG INDICATORS are switches Just like car indicators (or ‘blinkers’ as my American cousins call them) they can be switched *ON or *OFF in a program to indicate the state of a certain piece of logic. In the IBM RPG language, it used to logically flick the switch of a numeric indicator 01-99 to “indicate” […]

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