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Oct 10

RPG Built-In Functions %BIF

When IBM introduced RPG IV (RPGLE) back in the mid 90’s, most of the RPG III opcodes were converted into built in functions. This makes for more readable code and efficient programming. The built in functions each do a particular function just like any opcode would have done. Since the built in functions are provided […]

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Oct 10

Programming language RPG on the AS400

RPG and the AS/400 platform have a long history. When the System/3 was introduced in the 1970s, RPG was first released , the language evolved and RPG II use of the logic cycle was many programmers first experience of pulling hair out while staring at a green screen. RPG III was released with the System/38, […]

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Sep 11

User guide to the JBA System21 application on the AS400

Back in the early nineties, I worked for a software house in Chertsey (Surrey, UK) called JBA. Fun times in my formative AS400/RPG programming years. The days were filled with blue suits, typing on clunky terminals, racing around in convertible company cars, yearning to be a yuppy and boozy Friday lunchtimes. Ahhh The halcyon days […]

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Aug 15

Refactoring Lazy RPG Program code is the reason I am going grey

Honestly, I despair of the RPG monkeys that knock up code that’s as bad as some of the things I’m working on currently. I found a great term to describe what I’ve been doing of late: refactoring Refactoring is a disciplined technique for restructuring an existing body of code, altering its internal structure without changing […]

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Jul 23

Free RPG400 code editor for windows – Visual RPG Express

I’m a big fan of WDSC7 (Websphere Development Studio Client for Windows) for my RPG/CL/DDS/SQL/whatever coding when I’m using windows.. but there are a few others out there. I would love to use IBM’s RDi (Rational Developer for IBM i) but while IBM insist on charging around $900 for the program it puts it firmly […]

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May 26

Single Page Subfiles

What are single page subfiles? A single page subfile is a SCREEN OF DISPLAYED DATA loaded at a one time in one go. The displayed data is equal to the maximum number of records which can be displayed at a time. In other words in a single page subfile all loaded records are displayed at […]

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Jan 27

Back when ebusiness was young and the AS400 had just become the iseries

I found this old email tucked away in a dark, damp corner of my old desktop. Covered in cobwebbs, sticky with splashes of Jolt Cola and sticky bits of snickers bars it raised a wry smile whgen I read it. A quick cut/paste later and here it is. I sent this to some of my AS400 team members when on site for a client in London. A big German bank who’s name rhymes with… erm… well it doesnt rhyme with anything actually.

Anyway, this was my first visit to the Annual News400 conference back in 2000. I had a fantastic time and was in full geek delight for the entire week:



So, I attended the News/400 International Conference in Vail, Colorado, last week.

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