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Nov 28

RDi 9.6 from Evaluation to Licensed RDi Glory

You have an RDi 9.5 license but want to add the license to the new RDi version 9.6! The new version needs a new License code to be downloaded and installed from IBM. So, grab a coffee and let’s go through the download and install process in easy steps (aka multiple gulps) Assuming you have […]

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Nov 16

#IBMi RDi 9.6 (Rational Developer for i) is available. Lets grab it!

RDi 9.6 powered by coffee

Second Cup of Coffee – Check. Consumed Doughnut – Check. Removed crumbs and sticky remnants of doughnut from laptop keyboard – Check. And Face – Check. Calendar confirms that todays the day IBM release #IBMi RDi 9.6 – Check. Lets got and grab it – Check. 🙂 I’ve been running RDi for a while […]

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Oct 27

Windows Setup for IBM i Developers

Every propeller head takes some kind of perverse joy from wiping and reinstalling their Windows Machine. I know I do. After a year of various software installs, un-installs, re-installs, tweaks, hacks, dicking around (that’s a technical term) my Windows machine starts to get twitchy and a little punch drunk. It’s time for a fresh install and […]

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Oct 18

Use RDi to make RPGLE lowercase

Internet fact #173 – If you make RPGLE lowercase it looks a lot prettier! If you’ve ever read any of my many waffling techno-blogs about programming with the RPG language you will know that I have a bit of a love/hate relationship IBM’s Rational Developer code editor. But, just sometimes it does really small, but […]

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Sep 27

RPG Programmers #winning

When I was a lad – you read the newspaper for news, you talked to neighbors to network and find the local gossip, you watched TV or went to the Cinema for movies. Nowadays, it’s all done on computers and it’s us programmers that create, nurse and stroke this things called computer programs. How you […]

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Sep 11

Move Remainder – MVR in ILE RPGLE

This is purely a little memory jogger for me. Nothing to read here move along move along….. I just upgraded an old program that had a piece of code doing this: C  DS#POS Div 256 POSLIN C         Mvr POSCOL This old RPG400 code is reading the cursor position from the display […]

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Sep 02

How can I learn modern RPG using ILE or Free Form?

First of all – if there was a quick and easy solution to “how to quickly become a productive RPG IV and ILE programmer” then all of us old AS400, iSeries and IBM I developers would have gobbled up that solution in double quick time. But, it really is much easier than it seems. Modern […]

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Aug 17

Scan Replace in RPGLE and SQLRPGLE

In the middle of this RPG program, I want to reformat and replace some values in a big long address field. But for the life of me… I cant remember how to use the SCANREPLACE built in function in RPG. #Dingbat /me memory circuits need a service methinks. So, like all programmers, I wonder off to […]

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Aug 16

Send IBM i Email including SQL Table Data automatically

Have you ever wanted to extract some data out of an IBMi/AS400 file using SQL and then email that data to someone as an Excel Spreadsheet? Now you can… all from one IBMi command without having to write any CL code to do it. Projex4i: DSTDTA command now handles SQL STRINGS for selecting data   […]

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