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Feb 11

What is DevOps and how does it work?

DevOps helps businesses respond to business, project and market changes quickly and fluidly. I’m not sure if fluidly is a word, but if its not, well, it should be. Devops focuses on many smaller high-quality software updates being rolled to users with a rapid schedule. Using continuous delivery and continuous testing to reduce risk, garner […]

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Jan 28

“Turnover Change Management” Graphical Editor Error Message

I really like the Softlanding (aka Unicom) TURNOVER Graphical Editor. It’s simple to use, not as clunky and old fashioned as the terminal based green screen menus and it’s just simple. Being simple myself, I like simple. ūüėČ Some people love the graphical editor. Some dinosaurs people love the green screen terminal mode editor. With […]

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Nov 16

How to Update IBM i ACS Access Client Solutions

OK. I will admit that I’m a fan of IBM i ACS, it’s a long awaited breath of fresh air and a great replacement for the old AS400 Client Access connectivity suite. So when I foggily log on to my windows machine, gulping the mornings first scalding mouthful of todays¬†(slightly dodgy tasting if truth be […]

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Sep 27

RPG Programmers #winning

When I was a lad – you read the newspaper for news, you talked to neighbors to network and find the local gossip, you watched TV or went to the Cinema for movies. Nowadays, it’s all done on computers and it’s us programmers that create, nurse and stroke this things called computer programs. How you […]

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Jul 30

What’s the best Free RPG Editor?

If you are reading this blog then chances are you are (a) an RPG Programmer and (b) using SEU to edit your code and (c) you are frustrated that SEU wont syntax check new RPG anymore!¬†It’s time to leap into an RPG EDITOR or be pushed…¬†RDi is bloody good but it’s also a¬†very expensive code […]

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Jul 25

Using EXTPRC with iSeries Turnover at V5R4

Question: How do I promote External Procedure using Turnover and get them to automatically *REPLACE on the destination machine? Answer: Like this! The problem here, is that SQL Stored Procedures have no equivalent of *REPLACE on the CREATE PROCEDURE statement (they do in IBMi 6.1+). That’s easy – “just add a Drop to line one […]

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