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Jul 12

Dirty RPG programmers need to write Clean RPG Code

This morning I was revisiting a program that I wrote last year and looking at my code thinking “Why the hell did I write it like that? #Ugly”. RPG code evolves and lots of code evolution starts in one direction and then branches off, drunkenly in another direction. This means that code can evolve to […]

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Jul 01

Trump announces we need to start planning for the Y10K Software Crisis

Washington DC – President Trump announced his government is launching a special software advisory group – “Not long ago we all went through the Year 2000 crisis. If you were in the computer and software industry you recall the many headaches in converting and changing databases and software so the Year 2000 would be a […]

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May 28

Learn C# for RPG ILE Programmers

If you are an RPG Programmer thern you can quite easily add C# to the list of progamming languages you have in your brainbox. It’s a very similar syntax. Checkout the latest C# For RPGers TechTip and check out the similarities between C# and RPG loops:¬†   The missing piece to the basic C# language […]

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Feb 28

Turn off RDi Line Resequencing for RPG

Source code line number sequencing in Rational Developer for IBM i Updating a source member and adding a bunch of lines will re-sequence the line numbers by default. Turning re-sequencing *OFF lets us clearly see added, deleted or changed blocks of code. We can set this on the exit line of SEU and also if […]

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Nov 19

LMS 7.3.3 Hotel Lodging System – LMS HOTFIX Instructions

THIS IS FOR LMS 7.3.4 Hot Fix PLEASE SEE NOTES AT THE END OF THESE INSTRUCTIONS FOR CALL PROGRAMS Please find the link below for the latest hot fix 7.3.4 library and the associated hot fix log. Restore the savf to QGPL and follow the below instructions to install. Please note that there are display […]

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