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Oct 10

RPG Built-In Functions %BIF

When IBM introduced RPG IV (RPGLE) back in the mid 90’s, most of the RPG III opcodes were converted into built in functions. This makes for more readable code and efficient programming. The built in functions each do a particular function just like any opcode would have done. Since the built in functions are provided […]

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Sep 11

User guide to the JBA System21 application on the AS400

Back in the early nineties, I worked for a software house in Chertsey (Surrey, UK) called JBA. Fun times in my formative AS400/RPG programming years. The days were filled with blue suits, typing on clunky terminals, racing around in convertible company cars, yearning to be a yuppy and boozy Friday lunchtimes. Ahhh The halcyon days […]

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