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Sep 11

Innies, Outies in SQL #bellybuttons


Going for the Guinness Book of Records for vague blog titles I decided to waffle about inner joins and outer joins in the world of bellybuttons *cough* Structured Query Language. Since plagiarism is the best form of flattery, Chirag Sharma (over at Guru99) wrote a very nice article about the finer points of SQL INNER […]

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Mar 20

What is AS400 modernization?

AS400 , IBM i , iSeries , Programming , RPG , SQL

From AS400/RPG to IBMi/RPGLE I’ve been involved in some heavy RPG modernization projects recently. Ranging from application replacements, to middleware webservice integrations to light code dusting…. I enjoy it all, just a little too much! Forget Alcoholics Anonymous, I should attend a software modernization addicts meetings where AA = AS400 Anonymous “Yes my name is […]

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