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5 Lessons - Easy

Not started

This presentation is an introduction to the IBM i Power System and a look at the IBM Midrange System's heritage from the 1970's up to correct days. From the old pre-internet AS/400 systems, through the iSeries Generation to today's modern Web2.0 IBM i Power Systems.

13 Lessons - Easy

Not started

Which 5250 Emulator shall I use? The IBM i System (sometimes incorrectly called the iSeries or AS/400) uses something called 5250 to stream its data to a terminal, often called a green screen. You've seen these clunky old terminals in black and white sci-fi movies. We still use them... sort of... we use terminal emulators (software that emulates the functions of those old terminals) to type commands into a command-line interface using windows/linux/mac whatever. So which one is best?

8 Lessons - Intermediate

This course is an introduction into Using and Administering your IBM i System. We will go through signing up for a free account online and logging in and going through some basic usage of the wonderful IBM-i operating system.

17 Lessons - Easy

How do we start our modernization project? The driving idea behind modernizing a legacy IBM AS400 or iSeries application is much more than the simple task of refactoring our old RPG and CLP codebase.

4 Lessons - None

Learn IBM i CL (Control Language) Programming for (a) beginners with no experience, (b) older CLP programmers looking to upgrade their CL skills and even (c) people with rudimentary programming knowledge in other languages

23 Lessons - Intermediate

RPG Programming for Beginners. Aimed at programmers that have (a) no knowledge of the RPG ILE language or (b) knowledge of older RPG versions and want to upgrade to modern ILE Web powerful RPGLE.

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