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IFS File system error occurred. Error number 3021?
Some of IBM's error messages are more cryptic than others. Copying files from the IFS using CPYFRMIMPF sometimes spits out[...]
IBM i Data Obfuscation – Making Data Foggy Murky and Squinty
A little while ago, I wrote a data obfuscation tool - which I decided to call Data Fogging. This is[...]
How to rename IFS Files
Colleague asked me this question just a minute ago - as he said "its obvious when you know how but[...]
How to copy IBM i IFS folder
AKA - How to copy IBM i IFS folder and all subfolders and documents to a new Location I just[...]
How to rename Fresche (BCD) Presto Library – XL_PRESTO
So, I just did an upgrade of the BCD Software GUI Client (now owned by Fresche Legacy by the way)[...]
Using TURNOVER in an IBM i iASP Environment
Unicom (who bought out 'Softlanding Systems') recommend upgrading to TURNOVER V101 before implementing iASP technology. The main thing to remember[...]
Preparing to implement IBM i iASP (Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool)
The independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP) is the strategic building block for availability on IBM i. There is a lot[...]
How to move IFS from *SYSBAS into iASP (Independent ASP)
By default, the IFS lives in the *SYSBASE ASP. But, we can move the IFS Directories, and all documents therein,[...]
How to refresh the Pitney Bowes CODE1 Address Database on IBM I without using FTP
Many IBM shops have FTP locked down for supposed security reasons. But before I start ranting about sloppy security measures[...]
Getting the Snip
I got the SNIP recently, but that's whole different story to this very boring technical one... How to assign a[...]
How to instantly add WooCommerce product to cart and check out
WooCommerce is a great ecommerce solution for WordPress websites, but the Woo workflow can feel too long for simple, or subscription[...]
Cleaning up a string of comma separated account numbers in RPGLE
I was emailed a little IBM i programming question this morning: An input parameter @Account is a 100 character string[...]
RPG Divide and Move Remainder – DIV MVR in ILE RPGLE /FREE
This is purely a little memory jogger for me. Nothing to read here move along move along..... I just upgraded[...]
Skeleton RPGLE Trigger Program
Chum of mine was chatting to me about writing a trigger program. So I dug out this old trigger (that[...]
How to increase upload file size limit in WordPress
I've asked myself this question way too often. I run websites on several different webhosts and frequently run into the[...]
Update IBM i IFS Objects Data Change Timestamp
An interesting question was lobbed at me this morning - "How can I change the data change timestamp in an[...]
How to get a list of all files in an IFS folder
Talking to a colleague this morning, we were discussing a vendor supplied series of spreadsheets (in CSV format) that his[...]
Edit MENU with IBM i RDI
Today I be mainly playing with UIM MENU'sthat bloke from the fast show ... and I found that Rational Developer[...]