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How to find the fastest DNS Server
I've been playing with my home Wifi this week, trying to resurrect my old SCALEO Home Server which has been[...]
Gravityforms write to SQL with the WPDB plugin
This week I 'ave mostly been... trying to create a Gravity Form to allow users to pay for a Memberpress[...]
AKA - writing a new DSPLY opcode that shows more than 52 characters Using the DSPLY opcode to quickly debug[...]
What is DevOps and how does it work?
DevOps helps businesses respond to business, project and market changes quickly and fluidly. I'm not sure if fluidly is a[...]
Playing with Secure (SSL) FTP on IBM i Power System
Or as the grey haired folks would say "How to configure the ISERIES FTP server to use SSL" or as[...]
Better performance for re-entrant programs aka reduce static storage
I found this article ages ago and book marked it. I just re-read it and found it just as pertinent[...]
Free RPG Editor – ILEDITOR could be called RDi Lite 😉
I've been waiting for a simple free-format RPG editor for the longest time. Opensource ILEditor delivers. It's free, open source,[...]
“Turnover Change Management” Graphical Editor Error Message
I really like the Softlanding (aka Unicom) TURNOVER Graphical Editor. It's simple to use, not as clunky and old fashioned[...]
Thinking Days
Hands up and stand away from the keyboard. It's time for a thinking day. Do a little less for one[...]
WooCommerce Multicurrency Free – on product pages only
I just could not think of the best way to describe this blog without using a hundred words. I wanted[...]
Programming standards for debugging RPG Webservices
Debugging RPG Webservices can be a pain in the proverbial; finding the IBM i background jobs that are running the[...]
+Happy New Year 2018
+Happy New Year 2018. One of my new years resolutions was to write cleaner code, and in the spirit of out[...]
Make ‘System Request 3’ do WRKJOB instead of DSPJOB
AKA Command Line Access from System Request 3 If you are an IBM I software developer or power user -[...]
Shaking up British Politics – The ‘For Britain’ Party #ForBritain
I emigrated from Britain ten years ago... Reluctantly leaving Blighty's green and pleasant shores, optimistic for my future abroad but[...]
Life with Bailey the English Springer Spaniel
Bailey Version 2.0 - He's my wing man and constant companion. He never nags, never complains and is always thrilled to[...]
Use RPG to find the day of the week
I wanted a handy little RPG code snippet to return the day name for a date. My requirement was to [...]
RDi 9.6 from Evaluation to Licensed RDi Glory
You have an RDi 9.5 license but want to add the license to the new RDi version 9.6! The new[...]
Rational Developer for IBM i 9.6 – Apply the RDi License
So, I've downloaded the latest and greatest version of RDi (the exciting titled RDi 9.6 #drumrollplease) but since the RDi[...]