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The modern world of IBM i web enabled software development is lightyears beyond the good old AS400 and iSeries *green screen* paradigm. Dive in and enjoy the technobabble...

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Covid19 has picked this world up and given it a good shake! It's left most of us (not all) feeling a little nervous and perhaps with precarious career options. It's made me think "Can I help?" So, it's time to give a little back to the IBM i Community. 

I keep all my devices in sync with this excellent opensource tool called OUTLOOK GOOGLE CALENDAR SYNC Outlook <-> Google[...]
Moment Music
Seize your Moment is the the musical enterprise that defines the dreams of Gabriel Powter, Music producer. Remember to breathe[...]
Eversense Music
Eversense Music is the brand created by Stefan Kudla to encompass his collection of inspired music. Mainly focused in the[...]
Using TURNOVER Promotion Form Commands
Turnover Pre-Run and Post-Run When we are promoting changed objects, using Soflanding TURNOVER, we sometimes want to run commands before[...]
Funny Spam mail from Grill Insider
Artificial Intelligence can be Artificial Stupidity when sending spam mail This morning I had a quick browse of my email[...]
ILEditor connection problem with PUB400
Problem - ILEditor connection problem with PUB400 Yesterday, I was talking to a subscriber who had read my review of[...]
IBM Rational Developer Ports
What TCPIP ports are used by IBM RD/i? I've been struggling to get Rational Developer working while remote during the[...]
Download Vintage Bullworker Wallcharts
The Corona Virus Quarantine has people digging out their Bullworkers and getting their pump on. I only know this because,[...]
Upload a SAVF using IFS and IBM i Access Client Solutions (no FTP)
HOW TO UPLOAD SAVF to IBM i Systems If you don’t use FTP anymore (or if FTP has been blocked[...]
What is the best way to add a Podcast Player to a WordPress Website?
This week I mainly be wanting to.... create a PODCAST for The Projex Academy. This podcast is essentially the audio[...]
Using RPGLE to extract invoice numbers from an alpha string
This morning my nerdish IBM-i Chum Toby, pinged me a whatsapp challenge to write a little RPG code snippet to[...]
How do we Check for Batch or Interactive in CLLE
Use the Retrieve Job Attribute (RTVJOBA) command to snaffle the job's run type from the attributes. Seems pretty obvious right?[...]
Second Look: IBM RDi Extract Procedure Refactoring feature
Lets start with a reasonably mixed RPGLE code example which is older style column based RPG400 for its variable definitions[...]
Rational Developer for IBM i 9.6 Fixpack 7 is pretty pretty good
Rational Developer for IBM i 9.6 Fixpack 7 is now available! The fixpack contains some nice little enhancements and[...]
Grabbing a library description in RPG with SQL
I was updating a little RPG utility this morning to add some more detail to a spreadsheet it generated. Adding[...]
New Developerworks RDi website is ‘IBM Rational Developer for i Hub’
Want to learn IBM RDi?Wondering where to go to find all those old RDi articles that used to be on[...]
How to Upload a SAVF with IBM I ACS a.k.a. Upgrade HTTPAPI (LIBHTTP) to V7.2
What is IBM i HTTPAPI? HTTPAPI is an IBM i library (LIBHTTP) containing a full set of API's allowing any[...]
Developerworks Connections Sunset – How to Extend RDi
As I was waffling this morning about the sad demise of IBM Developerworks Connections Wiki - here is another excellent[...]