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What is IBM i Email and SPF?
I've been chatting with a client of mine about sending emails from his AS400 iSeries Power IBM-i System. More specifically[...]
Updating Numeric DTAARA in RPGLE
Updating any numeric DTAARA in RPGLE is slightly different in RPG /FREEFORMAT than in the good old fashioned column based[...]
How to capture IBM-i job info for submitted jobs
Submitting jobs from within IBM i Control Language programs is a doddle. But sometimes we want to know the job[...]
Innies, Outies in SQL #bellybuttons
Going for the Guinness Book of Records for vague blog titles I decided to waffle about inner joins and outer[...]
Going the (Levenshtein) Distance in RPG Free
Over on the RPG Cafe website, a nice chap called Smit Dixit published a sample of his RPGLE code calculating[...]
Don’t hardcode library names in your TURNOVER SQL source #youbigsilly
One of the mumbling, drooling, gray haired programmers on my team asked me to peer review his code this morning.[...]
How to Install IBM Access Client Solutions (ACS)
IBM-i ACS is JAVA based, so it can be installed on Windows, MAC & Linux devices. The legacy IBM Client[...]
5733XJ1 IBM i Access Client Solutions – QuickStartGuide
The content of this document was last updated on: March 29, 2019 Contents: 1.0 Introduction2.0 Installation for Windows3.0 Installation for[...]
Install LANSA AXES – Automatic Web Interface for IBM i (AS/400) 5250 Applications
Now that's a mouthful! So, I've been asked to install the latest July 2019 version of Lansa Axes (v4.2.0) for[...]
IFS File system error occurred. Error number 3021?
Some of IBM's error messages are more cryptic than others. Copying files from the IFS using CPYFRMIMPF sometimes spits out[...]
IBM i Data Obfuscation – Making Data Foggy Murky and Squinty
A little while ago, I wrote a data obfuscation tool - which I decided to call Data Fogging. This is[...]
How to rename IFS Files
Colleague asked me this question just a minute ago - as he said "its obvious when you know how but[...]
How to copy IBM i IFS folder
AKA - How to copy IBM i IFS folder and all subfolders and documents to a new Location I just[...]
How to rename Fresche (BCD) Presto Library – XL_PRESTO
So, I just did an upgrade of the BCD Software GUI Client (now owned by Fresche Legacy by the way)[...]
Using TURNOVER in an IBM i iASP Environment
Unicom (who bought out 'Softlanding Systems') recommend upgrading to TURNOVER V101 before implementing iASP technology. The main thing to remember[...]
Preparing to implement IBM i iASP (Independent Auxiliary Storage Pool)
The independent auxiliary storage pool (IASP) is the strategic building block for availability on IBM i. There is a lot[...]
How to move IFS from *SYSBAS into iASP (Independent ASP)
By default, the IFS lives in the *SYSBASE ASP. But, we can move the IFS Directories, and all documents therein,[...]
How to refresh the Pitney Bowes CODE1 Address Database on IBM I without using FTP
Many IBM shops have FTP locked down for supposed security reasons. But before I start ranting about sloppy security measures[...]