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RPG Subprocedure Tips and Techniques
RPG Subprocedure Tips and Techniques The use of subprocedures in your applications should be on everyone's "to do" list this[...]
Words have Power – IF by Rudyard KiplingW
If I don't like poetry. I especially don't like it when people call it 'Poyetrey' in that weird pronunciation way...[...]
Compare All Object Authorities in a Library
Comparing Object Authorities across different libraries is easier than you think! Using the magical powers of IBM i SQL we[...]
How to restore a Library and Rescope Logical Files to different Physicals
Restore and Rescope Logical Files When you restore a logical file, the system uses the description for the logical file[...]
LODRUN ‘Library QTEMP not found’
Have you ever seen a 'Library QTEMP not found' error? LODRUN *OPTICAL Library QTEMP not found Weird Huh? After some[...]
SQL for AS400 Dummies
A simple guide to SQL for AS400 Dummies You can spot my brethren fairly easily, the rare old-school AS400 developer[...]
Find IBM i Deleted Records and Reorg Them
Lots of IBM i Deleted Records? Want to find the 100 Files with the most deleted records in them? Ready[...]
Check OS Version in IBM i, iSeries and AS400
There are a multitude of ways to check the IBM i OS version on your IBM i System (No it[...]
IBM POWER SYSTEM evolved from the old AS400
From AS400 to IBM POWER SYSTEM The IBM AS/400 was one of the most robust operating systems of the late[...]
How to Create Different Subsystems for Web Services
Do you want to Create Different Subsystems for Web Services? There are a lot of positive reasons for us to[...]
IBM i Web Services in their own Subsystem
IBM i Subsystems IBM i Subsystems are used to control jobs and functions. A subsystem description defines how, where, and how[...]
Playing SCUM Survival Zombie Game
I like the odd bit of computer game playing There is nothing better than a movie with a little apocalypse[...]
Add Custom Domain to Protonmail
Let's add my custom domain to my new Proton Email This will let my new Protonmail account send and receive[...]
How long does Protonmail take to import emails?
Migrating from Gmail to Protonmail took just over an hour for 24k emails I've been using Gmail since the early[...]
Protonmail First Thoughts
Protonmail feels like Gmail! Both Protonmail and Gmail have similar features and can be used on any device. Protonmail also has many more privacy[...]
Migrating from GMAIL to PROTONMAIL
Goodbye Google, Hello Proton I've used Google Mail for years and years. I like it. But in now it's time[...]
IBM i Special Authorities
Special Authorities - What are they on IBM i? If you come from the world of IBM I you will[...]
IBM i User Profile – Special Authorities
IBM i Authority is a wonderful beast with many layers of complexity. Like a big red onion, peeling back these[...]

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