Programming is problem solving + productivity... in joyful nerd mode.

The modern world of IBM i web enabled software development is lightyears beyond the good old AS400 and iSeries *green screen* paradigm. Dive in and enjoy the technobabble...

I like to Blog about programming, the IBM i Operating System, the old AS400/iSeries machines, life and just about anything that springs to mind. Years ago I started this technical blog as a memory jogger for quirky programming techniques that I didn't want to forget. Now it's evolved into much more varied waffle. Please dive in and I hope you find what you're looking for 🙂

Nick Litten - Nerdy Software Bloke

Nick Litten's Other Bloggish Waffle

When to use EOF or FOUND in RPGLE?
Built-In Functions in RPGLE - %EOF & %FOUND %EOF(filename) This built-in function is used to detect end-of file, beginning of[...]
RPG Old and New – Free Form Logic Example
I was recording a screencast about modernizing some old RPG400 to ILE RPG this morning and had to knock up[...]
Example RPG Email Validation program – SQLRPGLE ILE
Let's look at a quick little example RPG email validation program - SQLRPGLE ILE There are lots of code snippets,[...]
Doing Loop the Do Loops in RPG3 and RPG /Free
Whenever I find myself editing some old RPG3 or RPG400 code, I try to spend a coffee* cleaning the code[...]
Serve JSON Web Services with RPG and YAJL
I read this article (written by Scott Klement) a few years ago and it was a great intro to the[...]
So, a chum of mine on social media just posted this link for the first public presentation from his IBM[...]
You Wanna Make a Website?
So, You wanna make a website do you? Well, it's not as daunting as you may think. Let me take[...]
Put Yourself On The Map
Thinking about how to Put Yourself On The Map? PUTTING YOURSELF ON THE MAPMake famous, publicize, as in "The incident[...]
Coronavirus Hangover
2020 Year of the COVID Countries all over the world declared a national pandemic emergency as 2020 started. We have[...]
Coast Guard Graduation – My Boy is a Coastie
Coast Guard Graduation, Cape May (Yankee-198 August 28th 2020) I don't often cry but I certainly had the Dads Damp[...]
Christian Williams – Wonderful Sailing Tales
One Day I will Sail I promise myself this, every New Years Day. I've yet to take myself up on[...]
Teachers2You – Bringing Las Vegas Teachers to Local Students
Teachers2You - Offering the Best Learning Experience for Las Vegas Families There is an old Turkish proverb saying 'If the[...]
I keep all my devices in sync with this excellent opensource tool called OUTLOOK GOOGLE CALENDAR SYNC Outlook <-> Google[...]
Moment Music
Seize your Moment is the the musical enterprise that defines the dreams of Gabriel Powter, Music producer. Remember to breathe[...]
Eversense Music
Eversense Music is the brand created by Stefan Kudla to encompass his collection of inspired music. Mainly focused in the[...]
Using TURNOVER Promotion Form Commands
Turnover Pre-Run and Post-Run When we are promoting changed objects, using Soflanding TURNOVER, we sometimes want to run commands before[...]
Dancing through the SEO minefield
You know, I write about many aspects of website technology, how to build and use SEO, how to make money[...]
Funny Spam mail from Grill Insider
Artificial Intelligence can be Artificial Stupidity when sending spam mail This morning I had a quick browse of my email[...]

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