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Playing SCUM Survival Zombie Game
I like the odd bit of computer game playing There is nothing better than a movie with a little apocalypse[...]
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How long does Protonmail take to import emails?
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Protonmail First Thoughts
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Migrating from GMAIL to PROTONMAIL
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IBM i Special Authorities
Special Authorities - What are they on IBM i? If you come from the world of IBM I you will[...]
IBM i User Profile – Special Authorities
IBM i Authority is a wonderful beast with many layers of complexity. Like a big red onion, peeling back these[...]
“no authority to use System Request Functions” on IBM i Systems
Have you got the "no authority to use system request functions" showstopper? If you are not authorized to see the[...]
Find large Objects on my IBM i System – PRTDSKINF Print Disk Information
Want to find LARGE Objects on your IBM i System? First we need to collec the information about the fat[...]
Find large Objects on my IBM i System – Data Queues (*DTAQ)
Christmas has just finished - how do I slim down my IBM i System? I like to look in all[...]
Make ‘System Request 3’ do WRKJOB instead of DSPJOB
AKA Command Line Access from System Request 3 If you are an IBM I software developer or power user -[...]
Force the web browser to be ENGLISH in foreign language countries
Q -- How can I force my browser to be English when I am travelling? Depending on your preferred browser,[...]
Goodbye Las Vegas, Hello Montepego
Life as a Digital Nomad If you are one of the three people that actually reads my blog you might[...]
Does IBM i ACS need JAVA? Nope.
"Does IBM Access Client Solutions need Java to work?" One of my clients asked me this earlier today Nope. IBM[...]
TURNOVER * Error restoring product support objects
* Error Restoring Product Support Objects You are probably here because you are running a TURNOVER IBM i UPGRADE and[...]
TURNOVER Upgrade – Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) V2.1
What is TurnOver? Simply Put - TURNOVER is an IBM i Application that controls the flow of software development from[...]
TURNOVER – Program QZCSOEOT in library *LIBL not found
Program QZCSOEOT in library *LIBL not found Using TURNOVER for IBM i?Have you got an error saying "Program QZCSOEOT in library *LIBL not found"?Have[...]
Using the same AS400 QRY in Dev, Test and Prod
Using the same AS400 QRY in Dev, Test and Prod I had a good question from a subscriber today: We[...]

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