#IBMi RDi 9.6 (Rational Developer for i) is available. Lets grab it!
Second Cup of Coffee - Check. Consumed Doughnut - Check. Removed crumbs and sticky remnants of doughnut from laptop keyboard[...]
How to Update IBM i ACS Access Client Solutions
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#IBMi Java – Avoiding the QSH “Press ENTER to end terminal session” message
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Search Scan Replace text in IFS files on IBM i using QSH – iSeries AS400
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Litten Family Crest
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Using QSNRTVMOD to find the last displayed screen size
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Handling Fat screens in RPG with IBM i API’s QsnQryModSup and QuiLngTx
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IBM i 5250 Screen Sizes – Widescreen for the Win!
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Windows Setup for IBM i Developers
Every propeller head takes some kind of perverse joy from wiping and reinstalling their Windows Machine. I know I do. After[...]
WordPress Gutenberg, you can bugger right off!
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Use RDi to make RPGLE lowercase
Internet fact #173 - If you make RPGLE lowercase it looks a lot prettier! If you've ever read any of[...]
Coding CLP with RDi – setting width and other code prettiness
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