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Lockdown SQL Access for IBM i Users
How can we Lockdown SQL Access for IBM i Users? Administrators often want to limit what SQL statements a user[...]
Save time with SHORTCUTS for VS Code for IBM i
SHORTCUTS for VS Code for IBM i Recently, I've been using the wonderful Visual Studio code editor with CODE 4[...]
What is new in IBM i ACS (
IBM i ACS ( was recently released and has some good new stuff! IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) is[...]
Visual Studio Code for IBM i vs. Rational Developer for IBM i – *FIGHT*!
One IBM i IDE to Rule them All IBM has released a seemingly innocuous update to IBM Rational Developer for[...]
Get rid of old RPG OpCodes – MOVE
It's time to move MOVE out of old RPG Programs One of the biggest mistakes I've made while trying to[...]
Setup IBM i Webserver User Profile Authentication
IBM i HTTP Web Server Authentication using an IBM i User Profile and Password We tend to think of consuming[...]
Serve JSON Web Services with RPG and YAJL – iProDeveloper
Serve JSON Web Services with RPG and YAJL aka -- Access data running on other computers with REST and JSON[...]
RPG Subprocedure Tips and Techniques
RPG Subprocedure Tips and Techniques The use of subprocedures in your applications should be on everyone's "to do" list this[...]
Words have Power – IF by Rudyard Kipling
If I don't like poetry. I especially don't like it when people call it 'Poyetrey' in that weird pronunciation way...[...]
Compare All Object Authorities in a Library
Comparing Object Authorities across different libraries is easier than you think! Using the magical powers of IBM i SQL we[...]
How to control command line access for IBM i Users
Control Command Line Access Here is a brief guide on how to control command line access for IBM i users:[...]
How to restore a Library and Rescope Logical Files to different Physicals
Restore and Rescope Logical Files When you restore a logical file, the system uses the description for the logical file[...]
LODRUN ‘Library QTEMP not found’
Have you ever seen a 'Library QTEMP not found' error? LODRUN *OPTICAL Library QTEMP not found Weird Huh? After some[...]
SQL for AS400 Dummies
A simple guide to SQL for AS400 Dummies You can spot my brethren fairly easily, the rare old-school AS400 developer[...]
Find IBM i Deleted Records and Reorg Them
Lots of IBM i Deleted Records? Want to find the 100 Files with the most deleted records in them? Ready[...]
Check OS Version in IBM i, iSeries and AS400
There are a multitude of ways to check the IBM i OS version on your IBM i System (No it[...]
IBM POWER SYSTEM evolved from the old AS400
From AS400 to IBM POWER SYSTEM The IBM AS/400 was one of the most robust operating systems of the late[...]
How to Create Different Subsystems for Web Services
Do you want to Create Different Subsystems for Web Services? There are a lot of positive reasons for us to[...]

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