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Getting a count with SQLRPGLE Variable File Name
Count with SQLRPGLE Variable File Name Been having fun with SQL and RPGLE this afternoon... the question was "How do[...]
How to install Visual Studio Code for IBM i
What is VISUAL STUDIO CODE? Microsoft Visual Studio Code, “a free-editor that helps the programmer write code, helps in debugging[...]
How to delete first X records using IBM i SQL
How to delete first few rows from a file with IBM i SQL This morning I was working with a[...]
Windows Setup for IBM i Developers
Every propeller head takes some kind of perverse joy from wiping and reinstalling their Windows Machine. I know I do. After[...]
The State of AS400 iSeries Application Modernization
The State of AS400 iSeries Application Modernization Typically our aging AS400 and Iseries applications are stateful. So, if we are[...]
Pattern Recognition: Ease Modern RPG Programming
Pattern Recognition: Ease Modern RPG Programming This morning I was reviewing the IBM i Redbook on application modernization, converting this[...]
Rules for Good Coding Style
Rules for good coding style I started this with the idea of writing a blog about "Rules for good RPG[...]
What TCP/IP Ports do we use on IBM i Power Systems?
Firewalls - Ports - TCP/IP Three words that strike fear into most IBM i programmers. General Use -- Green screen[...]
AS400 DLS vs. IBM i IFS – What is the difference?
AS400 DLS vs. IBM i IFS Do you work at a company that has people using the AS400 DLS?Do you[...]
What is the Best IBM i RPG Code Editor in 2021?
What is the Best IBM i RPG Code Editor in 2021 Most people migrated from SEU to RDi (Rational Developer)[...]
Swap Homes and Travel the World – Join Home Exchange
Home Exchange is pretty pretty pretty good Seriously - you can travel the world, swapping your home with some else's[...]
Surf the Web Securely with OPEN DNS
The Internet is a wealth of facts, fictions, opinions, lies, and halftruths! This thing called the internet has lots of[...]
IBM i ACS – Full Install or Standalone?
You can use IBM I ACS two ways - INSTALLED or STANDALONE Personally, I prefer to run IBM i ACS[...]
IBM i Software Change Management – CMS vs ALM – What’s in a Name?
From Software Change Management System (CMS) to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Back in the good old days of the AS400[...]
Want to learn CL Programming?
IBM Control Language has remained virtually unchanged over the years. When the IBM AS400 was replaced by the IBM iSeries,[...]
Upgrade CNX Valence with a Friday Fixpack
Download Install or Upgrade CNX Valence Fresh in my email this morning, I had a notice from the propellor[...]
WRKACTJOB – Working With Active Jobs on IBM I, AS400, and Series Systems
WRKACTJOB is DSPACTJOB on steroids Every process that runs on an IBM i System is a #JOB. Using the WRKACTJOB[...]
Find the size of jobs using QTEMP on the IBM i System
Hunting down QTEMP Fat Cats As an IBM i propeller-head you are most likely familiar with the QTEMP library. Right?[...]

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