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Cleaning messy IBM i Integrated File System (IFS) file names
This morning I had an email from a blog subscriber ( Hi Rick! ) asking for a code tips on[...]
So, I received a hacked email with an old password! Demanding payment with Bitcoin! #Blackmail
This morning I awoke to find an email from a digital blackmailer. This email shows one of my commonly used[...]
How to encrypt or hide CL/RPG Source Code in ILE Debug Views
Us programmers can be a secretive bunch. If you see a programmer running screaming from a meeting, clutching a program[...]
Thrive Pressive Theme – SQL TITLE SECTION
I recently updated the blog to use the very impressive THRIVE THEME called PRESSIVE. I love the SHOW IMAGE IN[...]
IBM i SQL – Using SUBST to insert data into a string
A while ago I had a problem where I wanted to change the first two characters in a table and[...]
IBM i User Profile – Special Authorities
IBM i Authority is a wonderful beast with many layers of complexity. Like a big red onion, peeling back these[...]
‘device file does not contain an entry for screen size’
Upgraded our IBM i systems to IBM i V7.3 yesterday and so far everything is running nicely except for this[...]
Funky IBM i Email Validation Program using SQL Regex
Following on from my previous blog (basic email validation) I decided that it would much nicer to (a) have the[...]
Simple email validation SQL RPG ILE program
There are lots of code snippets, example programs and long waffling discussions in internet land filled with pointy headed AS400,[...]
Turnover Tip – Checkout to new library retaining source line changes dates
Wow - that's another long url title. I really wanted to call this "How To Check Out An Object From[...]
IBM i ACS 5250 EMULATOR FONT – and other ridiculous mumbo jumbo
What's in a font? Lots of things make our life easier as IBM i Programmers. Working with a clean, easy[...]
IBM i SQL statement to convert or compare hundred year date format
I had to pull records from two files with a matching date value in each file. To make things interesting,[...]
How to compare ‘100 Year Date’ to a Timestamp – aka – Weird AS400 iSeries Date formats
Back in the good old days of single megabyte disks the size of a shoebox, when hard drives were called[...]
Modernize AS400 iSeries Queries – Convert to IBM i SQL
This week I be mainly.... working on a Casino System upgrade, dragging decades old code into the twenty first century.[...]
Use IBM i SQL to validate email addresses in Customer Master File
So, we have a customer masterfile that's been around for years. Users have been keying in customer info and sometimes[...]
Ubuntu 18 is here – upgrade for a tidy looking Beaver
What's new, Ubuntu 18.04 Linux? The biggest change is heralded as the switch from the traditional Ubuntu UNITY DESKTOP in[...]
How to find the fastest DNS Server
I've been playing with my home Wifi this week, trying to resurrect my old SCALEO Home Server which has been[...]
Set off all RPG Indicators in a program
RPG INDICATORS are switches Just like car indicators (or 'blinkers' as my American cousins call them) they can be switched[...]