Hide WordPress TITLE area in Thrive themes using CSS
 *phew* Thats a sentence and a half. Sadly, if you are nerdy, geeky, keyboard inclined and in touch with your[...]
Playing with REXX on IBM i
Wondering what REXX is? First off, it has nothing to do with those big green lizards that ran around angrily[...]
Copying iSeries fields from numeric to Alpha – aka using SQL to change column data type
So - today I was talking to colleague who wanted to make a database change to a big old file.[...]
IBM i Webservices – REST vs. SOAP
SOAP is a protocol - REST is an architectural style (a design for network-based software architectures) REST concepts are referred[...]
Varying Length fields in DDS and IBM i SQL
Back in the olden days - files were filled with numbers and long string of data. Words like SAUSAGES might[...]
Which %BIF for Chain, Read and other naughty native file IO
I always forget the differences between %EOF, %EQUAL and Not %Found when writing native file I/O in RPG ILE Programs.  Sometimes[...]
Move Remainder – MVR in ILE RPGLE
This is purely a little memory jogger for me. Nothing to read here move along move along..... I just upgraded[...]
Ingress – The world around you is not what it seems
A mysterious energy has been unearthed by a team of scientists in Europe. The origin and purpose of this force[...]
PEEPSHOW is the best comedy on tv and if you dont agree then you are wrong and its that simple for sure.. yep.. shut it loser
Peep show... peep show... bloody brilliant ... nuff said  Arguably my favorite laugh-out-loud sitcom of all time. Peep Show is[...]
How can I learn modern RPG using ILE or Free Form?
First of all - if there was a quick and easy solution to "how to quickly become a productive RPG[...]
Words are Wordier with Wordle
Wordle is an excellent website for a some serious lunchtime cyberloafing. It basically takes any string of text, parses it and[...]
WordPress Jetpack Error “Server unable to connect with my site http 404”
Tinkering with one of my wordpress sites I noticed that Jetpack was unable to connect. The WordPress Jetpack Error says[...]