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How to Upload a SAVF with IBM I ACS a.k.a. Upgrade HTTPAPI (LIBHTTP) to V7.2
What is IBM i HTTPAPI? HTTPAPI is an IBM i library (LIBHTTP) containing a full set of API's allowing any[...]
Developerworks Connections Sunset – How to Extend RDi
As I was waffling this morning about the sad demise of IBM Developerworks Connections Wiki - here is another excellent[...]
Let’s make Woocommerce assign wordpress user roles for new orders
First thing is to add CUSTOM ATTRIBUTES to WooCommerce orders Click on PRODUCTS | ATTRIBUTE - add a new attribute[...]
Why use IBM i RDi?
I was discussing the benefits of RDi with a colleague this morning (I'm a bit of a Rational Developer fanboy)[...]
Free alternative to Teamviewer – Cloudberry Remote Assistant is excellent!
Having a Remote Desktop tool is a terrific bonus. For a few years I've used Teamviewer to remote control the[...]
Copying iSeries fields from numeric to Alpha – aka using SQL to change column data type
So - today I was talking to colleague who wanted to make a database change to a big old file.[...]
How can I learn Microsoft MS Project 2010
Microsoft Project 2010 is arguably the best project management application out there. I regularly brush with it, see its efficacy,[...]
How to upgrade from YOAST to Rank Math SEO
I recently discovered a new SEO plugin in the WordPress world - RANK MATH and its bloody good! Rank Math[...]
Big Brother, Freespeech and the Anti-Intellectual trend
I haven't enjoyed a decent blog rant for some time so... nothing technical in this blog but lots of blowing[...]
WordPress 5.3 upgrade error with Thrive Architect
This morning, I got a little linkedin notification from a subscriber letting me know that my nicklitten blog was exploding[...]
What is IBM i Email and SPF?
I've been chatting with a client of mine about sending emails from his AS400 iSeries Power IBM-i System. More specifically[...]
Updating Numeric DTAARA in RPGLE
Updating any numeric DTAARA in RPGLE is slightly different in RPG /FREEFORMAT than in the good old fashioned column based[...]
How to capture IBM-i job info for submitted jobs
Submitting jobs from within IBM i Control Language programs is a doddle. But sometimes we want to know the job[...]
Innies, Outies in SQL #bellybuttons
Going for the Guinness Book of Records for vague blog titles I decided to waffle about inner joins and outer[...]
Register license key in SOFTLANDING SOFTMENU
Bloody Annual License Codes If you have ever scratched your head wondering how to set the license key in SOFTLANDING[...]
Going the (Levenshtein) Distance in RPG Free
Over on the RPG Cafe website, a nice chap called Smit Dixit published a sample of his RPGLE code calculating[...]
Don’t hardcode library names in your TURNOVER SQL source #youbigsilly
One of the mumbling, drooling, gray haired programmers on my team asked me to peer review his code this morning.[...]
How to Install IBM Access Client Solutions (ACS)
IBM-i ACS is JAVA based, so it can be installed on Windows, MAC & Linux devices. The legacy IBM Client[...]