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I like to Blog about programming, the IBM i Operating System, the old AS400/iSeries machines, life and just about anything that springs to mind. Years ago I started this technical blog as a memory jogger for quirky programming techniques that I didn't want to forget. Now it's evolved into much more varied waffle. Please dive in and I hope you find what you're looking for 🙂

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IBM i Change Management Documentation for TURNOVER V101
TURNOVER V101 Documentation After recently upgrading to the latest fixpack for TURNOVER V101, I have all the latest documenation sitting[...]
Is IBM i RRN Unique?
No - RRN is not unique (unless we force it to be and don't care if disk is wasted) IBM[...]
Fix RDI – Formatting Failed: No Model Available
IBM Rational Developer for IBM i Trying to format your RPGLE source code and seeing "Formatting Failed: No Model Available"?[...]
Snug CBD
I recommend Snug CBD I love Snug CBD products. Snug recently launched a brand-new line of comestibles instilled with cannabidiol,[...]
Parler is the new Twitter | How to download the APP
PARLER the last bastion of "FREE SPEECH" During the course of 2020, we have seen the dystopian silencing of free[...]
Ineffective Covid face masks – Why are people wearing them?
I'm still on a Covid rant 🙂 Covid19, SAR-COV-2, the dreaded CORONA VIRUS is Real! But... it's not like the[...]
RDi beats SEU because – Searching for Subroutines
My mate Toby sent me this email: I love RDI ... But I do come across one issue that I'm[...]
Executing an IBM i TURNOVER Promotion form
What happens when your TURNOVER Promotion form runs? A TURNOVER® for iSeries v100 form runs in several phases. Pre-run Processing:[...]
How to Change WooCommerce Variable Products “Select Options” to “Add to cart”
WooCommerce Variable Products Working on the Snug CBD website this morning, I found that the when you add a SIMPLE[...]
Conditional Selection in RPGLE and CLLE
How to use 'Conditional Selection in RPGLE and CLLE' Way back in 2008, I wrote this blog about how to[...]
Best Youtube Alternative in 2021?
SPOILER ALERT - it's ODYSEE YouTube has become Big Brother It's time to look for a Youtube Alternative! America's First[...]
New Kettle – William Wood Valiant (Bronze Special Edition)
New Watch for my collection - William Wood Valiant Bronze My new William Wood Valiant (Bronze Special Edition) just arrived after swimming[...]
Since living in Edinburgh in the early '80s, I've been amused by various Scottish words for common, everyday objects or[...]
Example of an IBM i RPG Single Page Subfile
What are single page subfiles? A single page subfile is a SCREEN OF DISPLAYED DATA, loaded one page at a[...]
Nice example of an IBM i RPG Subfile program written in RPG /Freeform?
Playing with a RPG Subfile Poking around on the filthiest corners of the IBM i Programmers internet this morning, I[...]
Sick of Covid?
I'm sick of Covid It's time for another Covid Rant 🙂 Go to bed if you're poorly. Or Sleepy. Or[...]
Where can I Download Free IBMi (AS400) 5250 Terminal Emulator?
What is a 5250 Terminal Emulator? In a previous blog about 5250 Emulators: The IBM i System (aka i5 aka[...]
Tattoo Adventures of an Inky Software Developer
TATTOO A permanent mark or design made on the skin by a process of pricking and ingraining an indelible pigment[...]

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