June 25


Using TURNOVER in an IBM i iASP Environment

By NickLitten

June 25, 2019

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TURNOVER and IBM i ASP (Auxiliary Storage Pools)

Unicom (who bought out ‘Softlanding Systems’) recommends upgrading to TURNOVER V101 before implementing iASP technology.

It recommends it because it only works on V101 😉

The main thing to remember is that you need to set your job, or session, to use the iASP before going into TURNOVER. You can do this by controlling your job with the JOBD ASPGRP or by issing a command line change: CHGSBSD SBSD(TSERVER) ASPGRP(‘my_iASP’)

Update TURNOVER install subsystem to use the new iASP

I had to change the TSERVER subsystem and related job descriptions to point at the iASP:


The following job descriptions were set to INLASPGRP(‘my_iASP’)

Description  Library     Text                                            
HELPDESK     SOFTTURN    TurnOver C/S Job Description                    
TURCRARE SOFTTURN Turnover auto-received JOBD for production syste
TURNESCQ SOFTTURN JobD for TurnOver Escalation Queue
TURNOVER SOFTTURN Turnover Job Description
WDAUTO SOFTTURN Wisedesk Dynamic Updating Autostart Job

CHGUSRPRF USRPRF(TURNOVER) JOBD(SOFTTURN/TURNOVER) – because it must use a job description specifying the new ASP

When the distribution is transmitted to IASPSYSTEM they are installed to distribution libraries which are automatically created in *SYSBASE

The form will show as status received (REVD)

Using turnover in an ibm i iasp environment 1

To run the forms we simply need to set our job into the ASP that the target library will be installed to

SETASPGRP ASPGRP('my_iASP')  >  TURNOVER  >  6. Work with forms  >  7=Run form
Using turnover in an ibm i iasp environment 2
Form ready to RUN
Using turnover in an ibm i iasp environment 3
Form passes Error Checking
Using turnover in an ibm i iasp environment 4
After running you can check the object shows in your new iASP

In this case the promoted program (PROOF) was successfully installed to library TESTQAOBJ in ASP ‘my_iASP’


If you go into Turnover without setting your iASP group, when you try to install to a library that is in the iASP it will show error Error: Target library &LIBRARY not found.

Using turnover in an ibm i iasp environment 5
cant find the library

Lesson to Remember

If TURNOVER cannot see the library, but you know it exists, then you have not set your iASP group for your signon session.

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