March 25


5250 emulation with iseries navigator – black-on-white is the new green-on-black

By NickLitten

March 25, 2008

5250, clientaccess, telnet

AS400 Green Screen go together like Coffee and Cream – as far as Telnet 5250 screen backgrounds are concerned anyway. Any AS400 guy will tell you, the standard black screen with green writing is synonymous with working on the AS400. We’ve all used it, loved it, hated it but definitely eventually came round to living with it – for years and years. Right back to the days of the original Russian Telly’s with their glowing incandescent screen and huge keyboards that made rather rude sounds when messages arrived (if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you’re too young!)

white is the new black

As400 green screen

I’m working on a site where they still (in the year of our Lord two thousand and eight bc) fully entrenched in the green on black experience. Still writing RPG3 code in SEU and one of the senior programmers didn’t know how to use PDM! I was shocked, dazed, bemused and discombobulated all in the space of half a cup of coffee… anyway I digress…

So, its good old fashioned screen layouts for me and I must admit to finding it really hard to settle back into green on black so I just changed my iSeries Personal Communications settings to give me a black on white setup.

It was a little weird at first but now I’m into it, I cant imagine changing back.

White screens with black text are just easier to read!

5250 emulation with iseries navigator - black-on-white is the new green-on-black 1

(well it’s a fact in my world… but then also is the fact that (a) red wine tastes better than white wine and (b) wearing crocs makes you look like an idiot)

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