A small yellow iSeries…

September 11, 2008

A small yellow iSeries…

By NickLitten

September 11, 2008

…with 4 wheels that also mows the lawn

I’ve just spent a particularly enjoyable hour cutting the grass at home… wait I hear you say… did he say enjoying and cutting grass in the same sentence?

A small yellow iseries... 1Well… Yes I Did.

We’ve just got a new mower. It’s Cub Cadet iSeries. Believe it or not hadnt actually sunk into my brain that it was called an iSeries until after I had finished it’s inaugural grass cutting sessions – or should I say its inaugural ‘letting my kids take it in turns riding with dad around the garden’ session. It didnt even feel like a household chore. It’s a great bit of kit, thats really good fun to poodle around the yard on.

Picture the scene… beautiful sunny Early Octobers day in Virginia… a couple of acres of overgrown grass… a chilled can of Stella (Yes, I did have to search high and low to find a decent lager out here in the colonies) and an aging big-boned (dont you dare say overweight!) IT consultant buzzing around being chased by three kids (pestering to have a ride) and two English Springer Spaniels (just because they’re stupid enough to think that the big noisy yellow thing that ‘Dad’ is riding on, just MIGHT be a horse)

I got back in and was talking (is that even the correct word for chatting to someone on messenger?) to an old colleague online. I was explaining that I’d just cut the grass and sent the link from the website. It was only then that I realised that it was iSeries. /me slaps forehead.

I’m slightly embarrassed to admit that I’m looking forward to giving the lawn a trim next weekend…

Shhh… for gods sake… dont tell the missus!!!!!

For more information on the Cub Cadet lineup checkout the websites amusing commercial.

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