Alas Poor Boris… aka… DEATH of a Landrover 

 May 10, 2014

By  NickLitten

Boris the Landrover has broken down one final time.

This mornings refusal to start (again!!!) was the (yet another!!!) final straw!

NOTE ADDED MAY 2014: A few people have asked me how I get him to start each time. It’s simple, but very annoying, embarrassing and just plain irritating. Simply pop the bonnet (American translation “open the hood”) remove the first spark plug connection, return the car and turn it over… it will normally start… leave it to run for 10 seconds or so…. carefully reconnect the spark plug without getting a zap on your fingers and you’re off… now back to the story of why I killed Boris..

Me. waffling as usual.

So, after doing the sums and realizing that I’ve spent nearly fourteen thousand dollars on repair bills since owning this Landrover in just two years, and he’s still going wrong on a regular basis, its time to give up. To resign myself to the sad decision to banish Boris to a life in the wilderness, outside the walls of castle Litten. I havent got the heart to sell the car to another owner, or even to trade it into a dealer and be able to look someone in the eye while saying “Yes, this is a reliable little motor and I will be sad to see it go” so its time for the car auctions…. Everybody knows that its a case of ‘buyer beware’ at Auctions. You can get a steaming deal or a steaming Turd. I know which category I wold put Boris into 🙂

Sadly, Boris will leave me in negative equity as I expect to be upside down on my car loan to the tune of something like $9000 when I consider the trade value for 2006 LR3’s.

It’s time to bite the bullet, and find a cheap but reliable run around until I get the outstanding loan payments cleared. I’ve already got my eyes on a cheap, little motor that is reported to be reliable, looks funky and fits kids, dogs and other beachlife clutter inside.

More about Herman the Honda Later


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